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-(1) Concise Synthesis of Ganglioside Hp-s1 Neu5Ac alpha(2 → 6)Glc alpha(1 → 1)Cer Analogue (2) Preparation of Sphingosine Derivative戴弘儒; Hung-Ju Tai
-alpha-胺基酸不對稱合成-由alpha-甲基-反式-肉桂醛製備單環亞胺基內酯及其烷化反應林正坤; Lin, Cheng-Kun-
-Asymmetric 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction---preparation and 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of ,β-unsaturated chiral acetals from -pinene and myrtenol李建一; Li, Jian-Yi-
-Asymmetric synthesis of alpha,alpha-disubstituted alpha-amino acids by diastereoselective alkylation of camphor-based tricyclic iminolactoneXu, P.F.; 陸大榮; Li, S.; Lu, T.J.; Wu, C.C.; Fan, B.T.; Golfis, G.-
-Asymmetric Synthesis of alpha-Amino Acids: Preparation and Alkylation of Monocyclic Iminolactones Derived from alpha-Methyl trans-CinnamaldehydeLu, T.J.; 陸大榮; Lin, C.K.-
-Asymmetry Henry Reaction Catalyzed by Camphor-based Chiral Ligands陳玉嬋; Yu-Chan Chen
-��,B-不飽和縮醛之製備與應用:與氰氧化合物所進行之1,3-偶極環加成反應及以Grignard試劑之開環反應的探討許麗吉; Xu, Li Ji-
-Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophoreJayachithra, K.; 金德航; Kumar, T.K.S.; Lu, T.J.; Yu, C.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
-Decision Factors Involved in Out-Licensing Process of Taiwanese Biopharmaceutical Companies江柏志; Chiang, Pao-Chih-
-The Development of New Asymmetric Synthetic Methodology (I)陸大榮-
-The Development of New Asymmetric Synthetic Methodology (III)陸大榮-
-The development of novel bis-NHCs precursors as versatile ligands and their applications in catalytic reactions.Chien-Cheng Chiu; 邱建誠
-Early Patent Portfolios and Patent Deployment Strategic Analysis of Biomedical Innovative Technologies: A Study of Novel Stem Cells Technology黃琬珉; Huang, Wan-Min-
-Enantioselective Addition of Phenylacetylene to Aldehydes Catalyzed by a Camphor-based Chiral Ligand高誠蔚; Chang-Wei Gao
-Enhance Food Safety by Technology Management:A Study on Requiring Processed Foods to Submit Their Corresponding GC and/or LC Mass Spectrometry Chromatograms When Registering for Sales Permit葉詩勻; Shin-Yun Yeh
-Evaluation of the Acceptance of New Service Model of Electric Vehicle in Taichung Area-Application of The Technology Acceptance Model劉姿珊; Liu, Tzu-Shan-
-Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Kandaswamy, J.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Kumar, T.K.S.; Yu, C.; Lu, T.J.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
-Microwave accelerated cycloaddition reactions of nitrile oxides and allylic alcoholsLu, T.J.; 陸大榮; Tzeng, G.M.-
-Novel Silver N-heterocyclic Carbene Complex Promoted the Palladium-Catalyzed Friedel-Crafts Alkylation ReactionHui-Tzu Chiu; 邱惠慈