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-The Application of Logistic Regression for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the Jhuoshuei River BasinSu-Chin Chen; 馮智偉; Jhy-Wei Ferng; 陳樹群
-Distinguishing+the+Slope+Shapes+of+Pre-landslide+Terrain+inLandslide+Areas+Caused+by+921+Chi-Chi+Earthquake+and+Typhoon+MorakotTsai, Yi-Zhih; 蔡義誌; Ferng, Jhy-Wei; Chen, Su-Chin; 馮智偉; 陳樹群
-以數值高程模型為基礎之河源位置的地形特徵:以塔克金溪上游集水區為例陳樹群; 馮智偉
-地形特徵對測高曲線形狀的影響陳樹群; 馮智偉; 賴益成
-本土化土壤沖蝕指標模式之建立陳樹群; Jhy-Wei Ferng; 簡如宏; 馮智偉; 巫仲明; Seasir Chien; Su-Chin Chen; Chung-Ming Wu-
-石門水庫集水區遷急點之地形指標研究馮智偉; Ferng, Jhy-Wei-
-網狀河系的隨機性及碎形特性之研究馮智偉; Feng, Zhi Wei-