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-Geomorphic Evolution of The Dong-Ao Peak Landslide, North Eastern TaiwanChing-Fang Lee; Hsien-Ter Chou; Lung-Wei Wei; Wei-Kai Huang; Shu-Yeong Chi; Su-Chin Chen; Wen-Chao Huang; 李璟芳; 周憲德; 魏倫瑋; 黃韋凱; 冀樹勇; 陳樹群; 黃文昭
-The Mechanism of Landslides Caused by Typhoon Soudelor in Northern TaiwanLun-Wei Wei; Wei-Kai Huang; Chuen-Ming Huang; Ching-Fang Lee; Sheng-Chi Lin; Chung-Chi Chi; 魏倫瑋; 黃韋凱; 黃春銘; 李璟芳; 林聖琪; 紀宗吉
-國道3號七堵順向坡滑動過程之動態模擬羅佳明; 鄭添耀; 林彥享; 蕭震洋; 魏倫瑋; 黃春銘; 冀樹勇; 林錫宏; 林銘郎