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-Class 1 integron在鮑氏不動桿菌臨床分離株中的盛行率與其水平傳播單位的解析朱韋臣; Chu, Wei-Chen-
-Clostridium strain co-cultures for biohydrogen production enhancement from condensed molasses fermentation solublesHsiao, C.L.; 黃介辰; Chang, J.J.; Wu, J.H.; Chin, W.C.; Wen, F.S.; Huang, C.C.; Chen, C.C.; Lin, C.Y.-
-Constructing Biological Index by Using Hydrogenase Activity in the Biohydrogen-Producing System.溫福賢; 黃介辰-
-Construction of an All-Weather Effective Photosynthetic Bacterium and Its Biohydrogen Production System by Using Molecular Biotechnology黃介辰; 李季眉-
-Development of Artificial Cellulosome for Saccharification(I)黃介辰-
-Ecosystem Functioning and Economics of Constructed Wetlands-Diversity of Rhizobacteria and Evaluation of Constructed Wetlands for Heavy Metals Removal(I)黃介辰-
-Establishment of rumen-mimic bacterial consortia: A functional union for bio-hydrogen production from cellulosic bioresourceChang, J.J.; 黃介辰; Lin, J.J.; Ho, C.Y.; Chin, W.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-Expressing a bacterial mercuric ion binding protein in plant for phytoremediation of heavy metalsHsieh, J.L.; 黃介辰; Chen, C.Y.; Chiu, M.H.; Chein, M.F.; Chang, J.S.; Endo, G.; Huang, C.C.-
-The flexibility of UV-inducible mutation in Deinococcus ficus as evidenced by the existence of the imuB-dnaE2 gene cassette and generation of superior feather degrading bacteriaZeng, Y.H.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Tan, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Young, C.C.; 黃介辰; 譚鎮中; 沈佛亭-
-Imipenem抗性包氏不動桿菌臨床分離株之分子特性吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua-
-Lactobacillus pentosus利用再生性資源生產乳酸之研究陳建宇; Chen, Chien-Yu-
-Mechanism Study on Chemoautotrophic Cabon Fixation and Nitrogen Removal with Synthetic Biological Technique on E. Coli黃介辰-
-A novel endophytic bacterium, Achromobacter xylosoxidans, helps plants against pollutant stress and improves phytoremediationHo, Y.N.; 黃介辰; Shih, C.H.; Hsiao, S.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-Overexpression of ATAD3A in lung cancer張家綾; Chang, Chia-Ling-
-PsbA或PsbO蛋白欠缺可誘導小球藻Chlorella sp. DT產氫酶林昕笛; Lin, Hsin-Di-
-Purification and function analysis of a broad-spectrum organomercurial lyase (MerB3) from mercury resistance transposon, TnMERI1Chien, M.F.; 黃介辰; Lin, H.T.; Lin, K.H.; Endo, G.; Huang, C.C.-
-Splicing of a Bacterial Group II Intron from Bacillus megaterium Is Independent of Intron-Encoded ProteinChien, M.F.; 黃介辰; Tosa, S.; Huang, C.C.; Endo, G.-
-XpsN蛋白第96-104胺基酸參與自身交互作用之重要性:cysteine 突變基因的構築與分析曹琤宜; Tsao, Cheng-Yi-
-以Bacillus-Yeast共培養策略建構纖維素乙醇生產系統何政育; Ho, Cheng-Yu-
-以代謝工程技術對大腸桿菌三羧酸循環代謝產物之影響林姿余; Tzu-Yu Lin