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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Effects of Different Tire-Surfaces and Impact Position on Cushion Efficiency of Wasted-Tireschou, wei-di; 周偉諦-
-The Impaction Study on Cushion Effect and Deflection of Used-TiresLu, Cheng-Yi; 呂政義-
-The Issue of The Scale for the Simplified Soil and Water Conservation Statement洪玉菁; Hung, Yu-Ching-
-Management Practices of Soil and Water Conservation LegislationCHEN, Chung-Kuang; 陳重光-
-Review and Supervising Work of the Soil snd Water Conservation ProjectHung-Pin Huang; 黃宏斌; Chao-Nan Lin; 林昭南
-Scour from Vertical Drop through Flume Experiment and FLOW-3DHao-Kai Ho; Po-Yen Liu; Hung-Pin Huang; 何晧愷; 劉柏巖; 黃宏斌
-The Sedimentation in the U-turn Horizontal Section of the FishwayLi, Wan-Shan; 李宛珊-
-Study on The Detention Effect of The Consecutive Detention PondLin, Yiou-De; 林祐德-
-Study on the Initiation Mechanism of Debris-Flow Along the Gravel SlopeWu, Jen-Ming; 吳仁明-
-Treatments at Tahsing of Hualien County after Typhoon Toraji黃宏斌; Hung-Pin Huang; 趙國昭; Kuo-Chau Chau-
-Velocity Measurement by Radio Current Meter and Propeller Velometer in Clean Water謝孟荃; Meng-Chyung Shieh; 黃宏斌; Hung-Pin Huang
-上游河道之沖淤演算研究Hung-Pin Huang; 黃宏斌; Haw-Yau Hsu; 許浩堯-
-台灣上游湍流河道之輸砂模式研究何智武; 黃宏斌-
-圓山溪之底床阻抗與輸砂量估測模式之探討Huang, Hong-Bin; 黃宏斌-
-土石流堆積長度研究Feng-Cheng Su; 蘇峰正; Hung-Pin Huang; 黃宏斌
-坡度及含水量對崩塌性狀的影響Hsu, Shu-Ling; 許淑玲-
-小汽車廢輪胎撞擊消能試驗研究魏綱志; Wei, Gang-Chih-
-崩坍對河道沖淤之影響研究黃宏斌; Yi-Jiun Liao; 廖翊鈞; Hung-Pin Huang-
-平面柵對於緩衝土石流 之效果研究張耿強; Jang, Geng-Chiang-
-日本之土石流研究回顧黃宏斌; Hung-Pin Huang-