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-Challenge and the Future of Sovereign State: A Sight of Comparative Analysis of TypificationWu-Ping Kwo; Chien-Hao Huang; 郭武平; 黃建豪
-Military Operation and the Shaping of Military Umbrella Out of Borders in Putin EraChien-Hao Huang; Hong-Yi Lien; 連弘宜; 黃建豪
-反覆荷重下鋼筋輕質混凝土樑之撓曲行為黃建豪; Huang, Chien-Hao-
-產業顧客對電子交易平台之滿意度弔詭研究黃建豪; Huang, Chien-Hao-
-綜合類胡蘿蔔素在活體內外抑制血管內皮生長因子所誘發之血管新生作用黃建豪; Chien-Hao Huang