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-An automated self-marking phase-shifting system for measuring the full field phase distribution of interference fringe patternsHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Chou, L.Y.-
-The Comparison of Temporal and Spatial Phase Unwrapping Method on the Phase Map with Physical Discontinuity黃敏睿-
-Defects inspection of CFRP structure by thermography and holographic interferometry張勝峰; Sheng-Feng Chang
-Development of a quasi-simultaneous polarization phase shifting system李佳達; Chia-Ta Lee
-Development of quasi- instantaneous phase shifting system吳京泰; Ching-Tai Wu
-Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometric Vibration Measurement and Analysis黃敏睿-
-error analysis of pixelated polarizer based camera system郭騰隆; Teng-Lung Kuo
-GPU-accelerated temporal and spatial phase unwrapping study劉育誠; Yu-Cheng Liu
-Histogram-data-orientated filter for inconsistency removal of interferometric phase mapsHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Sheu, W.H.-
-Innovative phase unwrapping algorithm: hybrid approachHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Lai, C.J.-
-Minimum LP-Norm 相位展開之探討與改善蘇禹龍; Su, Yu-Long-
-Minimum LP-Norm相位展開技術應用於電子斑點干涉術之研究李峰政; Lee, Feng-Zheng-
-A novel methodology for enhancing the contrast of correlation fringes obtained by ESPIHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; He, Z.N.; Lee, F.Z.-
-Phase unwrapping based on a parallel noise-immune algorithmHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Lai, C.J.-
-Phase Unwrapping of Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Maps with Real Discontinuities黃敏睿-
-The Phase Unwrapping Research of Noisy Phase Map with Real Physical Discontinuity by Combining the Regional Concepts and Image Processing Techniques黃敏睿-
-A quasi-one-frame phase-unwrapping algorithm through zone-switching and zone-shifting hybrid implementationHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿-
-Regional phase unwrapping algorithm for photoelastic phase mapHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Sung, P.C.-
-Retrieving ESPI map of discontinuous objects via a novel phase unwrapping algorithmHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Liou, J.K.-
-Self-marking phase-stepping electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) for determining a phase map with least residuesHuang, M.J.; 黃敏睿; Yun, B.S.-