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-The Analysis of Mechanical Behavior for Retaining Wall with Limited Backfill Area廖勝弘; Laiw, Shen-Hung-
-Energy Dissipation in Gradually Expanding Channel by Free Overfall Flow through WeirLiao, Yuan-Ya; 廖苑雅-
-H型塊狀擋土結構力學行為之研究毛一祥; Mao, Yi-Xiang-
-L型擋土牆之穩定性探討朱志祥; Chi-Hsiang Chu
-Rankine主動被動土壓力滑動機制探討謝宗翰; Hsieh, Tsung-Han-
-The Study of Estimating the Pore Pressure and Settlement during Construction of a Dam Embankment黃添坤-
-A Study of Exclusionary Technique in the Gravel and Boulder Deposits of Taichung MRT黃添坤-
-A Study of Grouting Method in the Gravel and Boulder Deposits of Taichung MRT黃添坤; 林炳森-
-A Study of Grouting Method on the Excavation of Gravel and Boulder Deposits黃添坤-
-A Study of Safety Monitoring Method on Road Slopes (I)黃添坤-
-A Study on the Mechanical Behavior of All-Casing Pile Ultimate Bearing CapacityLiu, Chia-Lung; 劉家隆-
-The Study on the Settlement Behavior of PilesHsiao, Su-Chan; 蕭素珍-
-Technical Manual of Decision of Groundwater Usage黃添坤; 徐登文; 蘇苗彬; 陳榮松-
-Technique of Underground Excavation (IV)顏聰; 林炳森; 黃添坤; 壽克堅; 徐松圻; 賴俊仁-
-Terzaghi壓密理論數值方法之解析張惠如; Chang, Hui-Ju-
-Using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement(RAP) as aggregates for Road BasesLiao, Wen-Wei; 廖文偉-
-三維度土壤邊坡滑動機制之探討蔡雅芳; Cai, Ya-Fang-
-不同剛性擋土牆對地表荷重 產生側向土壓力之影響許秋金; Chu﹣Chn Shu
-不同夯實形式之加勁擋土牆工程行為探討Jhe-Yi Liao; 廖哲毅
-不同強度黏土深開挖之力學行為探討林筑珺; Chu-Chun Lin