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-Construction Checklists for Incremental Launching Method謝育弘; Shieh, Ea-Hon-
-Effect of Coarse Aggregate Content and Pozzolan Content on MechanicalProperties of Concrete黃勁翔; Huang, Jing-Shiang-
-Effect of Coarse Aggregate Content on Shear Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams李安裕; Li, An-Yo-
-Fire Safety and Evacuation Route Design to Exhibition Hall of the MuseumHuang, Tzu-Yuan; 黃子源-
-In Situ Monitoring Method for High-Clearance Scaffold Shores黃玉麟; 顏聰; 陳豪吉-
-Investigation on the Development of Concrete Cracking for Power Structures and the Preventive Strategies.顏聰; 張朝順; 陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 劉玉雯-
-R.C.板梁構件支撐拆模時間研究黃俊傑; Huang, Chun Chieh-
-Recycling of Reservoir Fine Sediments and Power Plant Bottom Ash陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 顏聰; 林宜清-
-Research on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Containing Nanoscale Blast Furnace Slag (I)顏聰; 湯兆緯; 陳豪吉; 吳威德; 黃玉麟-
-Research on the Rheological Behavior, Workability and Structural Properties of TAICON (II)顏聰; 陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 林建宏-
-Residule Seismic Resistance for Cracked Walls黃玉麟-
-Shape Study and Structural Analysis on the Electricity Transmission Tower (II)黃玉麟; 顏聰-
-Strengthening of Prestressed Beams Using Prestressed CFRP顏聰; 林宜清; 黃玉麟-
-Strengthening of Prestressed Beams Using Prestressed GFRP (III)顏聰; 林宜清; 黃玉麟-
-Study on seismic analysis modeling for school building with high windows in basements曾祥碩; Tseng, Hsiang-Shuo-
-Using Reservoir Sedimentation to Produce Light-Weight Aggregate and the Industrial Application of Light-Weight Aggregate Concrete (I)顏聰; 許協隆; 陳豪吉; 呂東苗; 林宜清; 張明添; 林建宏; 黃兆龍; 黃玉麟; 干裕成-
-Validity and Modeling for the Displacement Dependent Semi-Active Hydraulic Damper隋忠寰; Sui, Chung-Huan-
-Y型柱橋梁預鑄節塊局部支撐吊裝工法破壞模式探討及施工中自主檢查表研擬鄭俞睿; Jheng, Yu-Ruei--
-不動產估價之灰色模型秦宇康; Chin, Yu-Kang-
-不同養護方式與時間對高溫作用混凝土波速與抗壓強度之影響賴竣霆; Lai, Chun-Ting-