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-Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Dazhong Village Landslide No.1 in Yilan County, TaiwanCheng-Yang Hsiao; Bor-Shiun Lin; Cheng-Nung Lai; Chia-Wei Wu; Chao-Chin Pai; Chun-Yi Wu; Zheng-Yi Feng; 蕭震洋; 林伯勳; 賴承農; 吳佳威; 白朝金; 吳俊毅; 馮正一
-Sediment Environment Assessment System for the Tseng-Wen and Baihe Reservoir Watersheds in TaiwanHsing-Chuan Ho; Bor-Shiun Lin; Chun-Yi Wu; Su-Chin Chen; Yi-Da Chien; Ming-Fa Tsai; 何幸娟; 林伯勳; 吳俊毅; 陳樹群; 簡以達; 蔡明發
-Spatiotemporal Landslide Activity Derived from Tree-rings: The Tieliku Mingsui Landslide, Northern TaiwanJeff Keck; Cheng-Yang Hsiao; Bor-Shiun Lin; Ming-Hsun Chan; William Wright