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-Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) in Genetic Application徐國彰; Kuo-Chang Shu; 張武男; 林伯耀; Woo-Nang Chang; Bor-Yaw Lin
-Mapping the Centromere of Chromosome 1 and 9 by Using B-A Translocations in Maize張淑貞; Chang, Shu-Jen-
-Molecular organization of maize B chromosome鄭雅銘; Cheng, Ya-Ming-
-Physical mapping of RFLP markers and translocations on maize chromosome 8謝淳芷; Hsieh, Chun-Chih-
-以RFLP分析玉米第八對染色體之尖端缺失張士鼎; Chang, Shih-Ting-
-玉米A-A易位染色體斷裂點及RFLP標誌之實體定位駱冠霖; Luo, Kuan-Lin-
-玉米第二對染色體短臂的 RFLP 標誌之實體定位陳宏銘; Chen, Hong-Ming-