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-(Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.,295(1):E117-129)Orexin-A modulates glutamatergic NMDA-dependent spinal reflex potentiation via inhibition of NR2B subunitH. Y. Peng; H. M. Chang; S. Y. Chang; K. C. Tung; S. D. Lee; D. Chou; C. Y. Lai; C. H. Chiu; G. D. Chen; T. B. Lin
-(Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.,295(5):F1324-1335)TRPV1 mediates the uterine capsaicin-induced NMDA NR2B-dependent cross-organ reflex sensitization in anesthetized ratsH. Y. Peng; H. M. Chang; S. D. Lee; P. C. Huang; G. D. Chen; C. H. Lai; C. Y. Lai; C. H. Chiu; K. C. Tung; T. B. Lin
-Apparatus and Method of Measuring Momentum of Inertial of Human BodyC. H. Chiu-
-The Apparatus for Anatripsis of Human Acupuncture PointsC. H. Chiu-
-Apparatus for Human Incorrect Motion Feed BackC. H. Chiu-
-Apparatus for Positioning Center of Gravity of Human Body and Method for Performing the SameC. H. Chiu-
-Automatic Acupuncture ApparatusC. H. Chiu-
-Automatic Ball Collector for Table TennisC. H. Chiu-
-Automatic Following Life RaftC. H. Chiu-
-Automatic Rehabilitating Horizontal Bar ApparatusC. H. Chiu-
-Badminton Training ToolC. H. Chiu-
-Ball Placement Controlling DeviceC. H. Chiu-
-Basketball Stands DeviceC. H. Chiu-
-Bicycle for A Maimed PersonC. H. Chiu-
-Body Heat Electrical GeneratorC. H. Chiu-
-Bubble Massage MachineC. H. Chiu-
-Bullet proof Shield ApparatusC. H. Chiu-
-The Detector for Flinging JointsC. H. Chiu-
-A Device and Method for Constructing the Real Object in Virtual RealityC. H. Chiu-
-Device and method of automatic pruning for a specific gardening shapeC. H. Chiu-