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-(Acta Vet Hung.,55(1):077-085)Study on the species-specificity of Isospora michaelbakeri by experimental infectionK. C. Tung; J. S. Liu; F. P. Cheng; C. H. Yang; W. C. Tu; K. S. Wang; C. L. Shyu; C. H. Lai; C. C. Chou; W. M. Lee
-(Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.,295(5):F1324-1335)TRPV1 mediates the uterine capsaicin-induced NMDA NR2B-dependent cross-organ reflex sensitization in anesthetized ratsH. Y. Peng; H. M. Chang; S. D. Lee; P. C. Huang; G. D. Chen; C. H. Lai; C. Y. Lai; C. H. Chiu; K. C. Tung; T. B. Lin
-Defect diagnostics of roller bearing using instantaneous frequency normalization under fluctuant rotating speedTian-Yau Wu; C. H. Lai; D. C. Liu; 吳天堯
-(International Journal of Information & Security, 15(2):199-210)A License Plate Recognition System in E-GovernmentH. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; C. H. Lai-
-Intracellular PLC/IP3/Ca++ cascade mediates the mGluR-induced NR2B phosphorylation to elicit spinal reflex potentiation in ratsK. C. Tung; C. H. Lai; Y. W. Cheng; C. Y. Lai; H. Y. Peng; J. M. Liao; G. D. Chen; T. B. Lin-
-(J. Vet. Med. Sci.,71(1):043-047)Surveillance of endoparasitic infections and the first report of Physaloptera sp. and Sarcocystis spp. in farm rodents and shrews in central TaiwanK. C. Tung; F. C. Hsiao; C. H. Yang; C. C. Chou; W. M. Lee; K. S. Wang; C. H. Lai
-(Vet Parasitol.,123(3-4):279-284)Demonstration of vector competence of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera:Culicidae) for Setaria digitataK. C. Tung; F. P. Cheng; C. H. Lai; K. S. Wang; J. S. Wang; W. M. Lee
-(Vet Parasitol.,131(3-4):261-265)Alteration of extracellular collagen matrix in the myocardium of canines infected with Dirofilaria immitisJ. S. Wang; K. C. Tung; C. C. Huang; C. H. Lai