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-(Carbon, 45(14):2823-2827)Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in low PH aqueous solutions by means of alumina-coated silica nanoparticlesY.-C. Tsai; C.-C. Chiu; M.-C. Tsai; J.-Y. Wu; T.-F. Tseng; T.-M. Wu; S.-F. Hsu
-Exchange bias study of sub-100 nm-diameter CoFeB/IrMn antidot and nanodot arrays fabricated by nanosphere lithographyX. Li; C.W. Leung; C.-C. Chiu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; Mansun Chan; Y. Zhou; Philip W.T. Pong
-Modifying exchange bias effects of Mn/NiFe bilayers by in-situ Ar+ bombardmentG.L. Causer; P.K. Manna; C.-C. Chiu; J. van Lierop; M. Ionescu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; F. Klose