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-Delaying natural flowering in pineapple.C.H. Lin; C.S. Kuan; Y.M. Hsu; M.L. Lin; H.T. Hsu; C.W. Yu; D.P. Bartholomew
-Effect of Fe doping on the microstructure and electrical properties of transparent ZnOnanocrystalline films-
-(Microsystem Technologies,14(09-11):1263-1267)Fast patterning microstructures using inkjet printing conformal masksC.H. Lin; H. Yang; F.Y. Chang; S.H. Chang; M.T. Yen-
-Physical and Chemical Manipulation of Flowering in Pineapple.C.H. Lin; S. Maruthasalam; L.Y. Shiu; W.C. Lien; M. Loganathan; C.W. Yu; S.H. Hung; Y. Ko; Y.Y. Chen
-含鋼線網剪力筋預力梁之剪力行為林甫人; Jen, Lin Fu-
-含鋼線網剪力筋預力梁之撓曲行為李嘉榮; Rong, Li Chia-