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-Altered Leukocyte Responsiveness in Dairy Cows with Naturally Occurring Chronic Staphylococcus aureus MastitisNagahata, H.; Kawai, H.; Higuchi, H.; Kawai, K.; Yayou, K.; Chang, C.J.-
-Anti-peroxidation effects of vitamin E on low density lipoprotein and milk fat globule membrane of lactating goats: in vivo versus metal ion challenge in vitroYang, D.Y.; 張釵如; Chang, C.J.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Biological and Molecular Characterization of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus Causing Chlorotic Leaf Spot on Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) in Taiwan詹富智; Wu, Z.B.; 古新梅; Ku, H.M.; Chen, Y.K.; Chang, C.J.; Jan, F.J.-
-Calcium homeostasis and its relationship to superoxide production in blood and milk neutrophils of lactating goatsChiang, C.C.; 余 碧; Chang, C.J.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, S.E.; Yu, B.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.; 陳洵一; 張釵如-
-Ceramide accumulation and up-regulation of proinflammatory interleukin-1 beta exemplify lipotoxicity to mediate declines of reproductive efficacy of broiler hensPan, Y.E.; Liu, Z.C.; Chang, C.J.; Xie, Y.L.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, C.F.; Walzem, R.L.; Chen, S.E.-
-Characterization of the hrpC and hrpRS operons of Pseudomonas syringae pathovars syringae, tomato, and glycinea and analysis of the ability of hrpF, hrpG, hrcC, hrpT, and hrpV mutants to elicit the hypersensitive response and disease in plantsDeng, W.L.; 鄧文玲; Preston, G.; Collmer, A.; Chang, C.J.; Huang, H.C.-
-Comparison between two different methods of immobilizing NGF in poly(DL-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduit for peripheral nerve regeneration by EDC/NHS/MES and genipinHsieh, S.C.; Tang, C.M.; Huang, W.T.; Hsieh, L.L.; Lu, C.M.; Chang, C.J.; Hsu, S.H.-
-Comparison of morphology, viability, and function between blood and milk neutrophils from peak lactating goatsTian, S.Z.; 黃木秋; Chang, C.J.; Chiang, C.C.; Peh, H.C.; Huang, M.C.; Lee, J.W.; Zhao, X.; 張釵如-
-Contribution of somatic cell-associated activation of plasminogen to caseinolysis within the goat mammary glandWeng, M.H.; 陳洵一; Chang, C.J.; Chen, W.Y.; Chou, W.K.; Peh, H.C.; Huang, M.C.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.; 黃木秋; 張釵如-
-Effect of ethanol content on carbon dioxide extraction of polyphenols from teaChang, C.J.; 張傑明; Chiu, K.L.; Chen, Y.L.; Yang, P.W.-
-The effect of high outflow permeability in asymmetric poly(DL-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits for peripheral nerve regenerationChang, C.J.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.-
-The effects of low-intensity ultrasound on peripheral nerve regeneration in poly(DL-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits seeded with Schwann cellsChang, C.J.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.-
-Effects of unidirectional permeability in asymmetric poly(DL-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits on peripheral nerve regeneration: An in vitro and in vivo studyChang, C.J.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Yen, H.J.; Chang, H.; Hsu, S.K.-
-First Report of a 16SrII-A Subgroup Phytoplasma Associated with Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) Witches'-Broom Disease in TaiwanTseng, Y.W.; Deng, W.L.; Chang, C.J.; Su, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Jan, F.J.-
-Functional characterization of mammary gland of Holstein cows under humid tropical summer climatesLu, C.H.; 張釵如; Chang, C.J.; Lee, P.N.; Wu, C.P.; Chen, M.T.; Zhao, X.-
-Identification and characterization of Apple stem grooving virus causing leaf distortion on pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) in TaiwanWu, Z.B.; 詹富智; Zheng, Y.X.; Su, C.C.; Chang, C.J.; Jan, F.J.-
-In situ generation of milk protein-derived peptides in drying-off cowsHo, C.H.; Chang, C.J.; Liu, W.B.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, S.E.E.; Chen, H.Y.; Ho, T.H.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.-
-In vitro and in vivo effects of Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761 on seeded Schwann cells within poly(DL-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits for peripheral nerve regenerationHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Chang, C.J.; Tang, C.M.; Lin, F.T.; 張傑明-
-A light-induced tunneling state in a submicron double barrier tunneling diode with a center-doped wellSuen, Y.W.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Chang, C.J.; Wu, J.C.; Wang, S.Y.; Lee, C.P.-
-Low-intensity-ultrasound-accelerated nerve regeneration using cell-seeded poly(D,L-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits: An in vivo and in vitro studyChang, C.J.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Lin, F.T.; Chang, H.; Chang, C.S.-