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-An Approximation of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controllers Using Fuzzy Ratio Switching Type-1 Fuzzy ControllersTao, C.W.; Taur, J.; Chuang, C.C.; Chang, C.W.; Chang, Y.H.-
-Characterization of liquefaction resistance in gravelly soil: large hammer penetration test and shear wave velocity approachLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.; Chang, W.J.-
-Damage investigation and liquefaction potential analysis of gravelly soilLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.-
-Deposition of uniform mu c-Si : H layers on plasma etched vertical ZnO nanowiresLin, Y.R.; 貢中元; Chang, C.W.; Chen, Y.H.; Liu, J.C.; Kung, C.Y.-
-Determining the optimal process means under mixture normal distributionsChang, Y.C.; Chang, C.W.; Hung, W.L.-
-Development of an aromatic triamine-based flame-retardant benzoxazine and its high-performance copolybenzoxazinesChang, C.W.; 林慶炫; Lin, C.H.; Lin, H.T.; Huang, H.J.; Hwang, K.Y.; Tu, A.P.-
-A Differential Quadrature Method for Multi-Dimensional Inverse Heat Conduction Problem of Heat SourceWu, J.Y.; Chang, C.W.-
-The effect of annealing time on the magnetic properties and microstructure of (Fe0.675Pt0.325) B-84(16) ribbonsChang, C.W.; Chang, H.W.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, W.C.; Ouyang, H.; Liu, C.C.-
-Effects of Ma-Xing-Shi-Gan-Tang on Bleomycin- Induced Lung Fibrosis in RatsChang, C.W.; Lin, C.C.; Lien, H.Y.; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Chang, F.R.; Li, Z.H.-
-Estimation of sediment volume of debris flow caused by extreme rainfall in TaiwanChang, C.W.; 林炳森; Lin, P.S.; Tsai, C.L.-
-Facile and Efficient Preparation of Phosphinate-Functionalized Aromatic Diamines and Their High-T-g PolyimidesChang, C.W.; Lin, C.H.; Cheng, P.W.; Hwang, H.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Fuzzy sliding-mode control for ball and beam system with fuzzy ant colony optimizationChang, Y.H.; Chang, C.W.; Tao, C.W.; Lin, H.W.; Taur, J.S.-
-Fuzzy Swing-Up and Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Balance Control for a Planetary-Gear-Type Inverted PendulumChang, Y.H.; 陶金旭; Chang, C.W.; Taur, J.S.; Tao, C.W.-
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of (Fe0.5+yPt0.5-y)(z)B100-z (y=0-0.2; z=82 and 84) melt spun ribbonsChang, C.W.; Chang, H.W.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, W.C.; Ouyang, H.; Liu, C.C.-
-Microwave-induced DC currents in mesoscopic structuresLi, L.C.; Sung, Y.T.; Chang, C.W.; Suen, Y.W.; Chen, K.Y.; Liang, C.T.; Chen, Y.F.; Lee, B.C.; Lee, C.P.-
-A Novel Fuzzy-Sliding and Fuzzy-Integral-Sliding Controller for the Twin-Rotor Multi-Input-Multi-Output SystemTao, C.W.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.S.; Chang, Y.H.; Chang, C.W.-
-Probabilistic sensitivity analysis for one-dimensional solute transportLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.; Juang, C.H.-
-Probabilistic version of the Robertson and Wride method for liquefaction evaluation: development and applicationKu, C.S.; Juang, C.H.; Chang, C.W.; Ching, J.Y.-
-Residences with anomalous soil concentrations of dioxin-like compounds in two communities in Michigan, USA: A case studyFranzblau, A.; 張書奇; Demond, A.; Towey, T.; Adriaens, P.; Chang, S.C.; Luksemburg, W.; Maier, M.; Garabrant, D.; Gillespie, B.; Lepkowski, J.; Chang, C.W.; Chen, Q.X.; Hong, B.L.-
-Self-sustained oscillation induced by horizontal cover plate above cavityKuo, C.H.; Huang, S.H.; Chang, C.W.-