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-Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase II mediates NO-elicited PKG activation to participate in spinal reflex potentiation in anesthetized ratsChen, G.D.; 董光中; Peng, M.L.; Wang, P.Y.; Lee, S.D.; Chang, H.M.; Pan, S.F.; Chen, M.J.; Tung, K.C.; Lai, C.Y.; Lin, T.B.-
-Chronic hepatitis increases the neuronal nitric oxide synthase reactivity in the vagal complex, dorsal root and celiac ganglia of adult ratsLan, C.T.; Chang, H.M.; Fu, D.J.-
-Induction of a cDNA clone from rice encoding a class II small heat shock protein by heat stress, mechanical injury, and salicylic acidChang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳; Jinn, T.L.; Huang, W.K.; Chen, Y.S.; Chang, H.M.; Wang, C.W.-
-Obstructive Jaundice Activates Nitroxidergic Neurons of the Vago-Vagal Neural Circuit That Regulates the Hepatobiliary System in RabbitsHu, M.E.; Lin, Y.C.; Chang, H.M.; Tyan, Y.S.; Lan, C.T.-
-Orexin-A modulates glutamatergic NMDA-dependent spinal reflex potentiation via inhibition of NR2B subunitPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chang, H.M.; Chang, S.Y.; Tung, K.C.; Lee, S.D.; Chou, D.; Lai, C.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, G.D.; Lin, T.B.-
-TRPV(1) mediates the uterine capsaicin-induced NMDA NR2B-dependent cross-organ reflex sensitization in anesthetized ratsPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chang, H.M.; Lee, S.D.; Huang, P.C.; Chen, G.D.; Lai, C.H.; Lai, C.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Tung, K.C.; Lin, T.B.-