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-Adaptive TCP congestion control and routing schemes using cross-layer information for mobile ad hoc networksChang, H.P.; Kan, H.W.; Ho, M.H.-
-Cache-aware real-time disk schedulingChang, H.P.; 張軒彬 ; Chang, R.I.; Shih, W.K.; Chang, R.C.-
-Characteristics and optical properties of Ni nanograins reduced on TiO2 filmHuang, H.H.; Chang, H.P.; Wang, F.H.; Liu, Y.S.; Wang, M.C.; Lli, D.F.-
-Effects of C-Terminal Truncation on Autocatalytic Processing of Bacillus licheniformis gamma-Glutamyl TranspeptidaseChang, H.P.; Liang, W.C.; Lyu, R.C.; Chi, M.C.; Wang, T.F.; Su, K.L.; Hung, H.C.; Lin, L.L.-
-Effects of H-2 plasma treatment on properties of ZnO:Al thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputteringWang, F.H.; Chang, H.P.; Tseng, C.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-Effects of thickness and annealing on the properties of Ti-doped ZnO films by radio frequency magnetron sputteringChang, H.P.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Chao, J.C.; Huang, C.C.; Liu, H.W.; 劉漢文-
-Enhanced conductivity of aluminum doped ZnO films by hydrogen plasma treatmentChang, H.P.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Wu, J.Y.; Kung, C.Y.; Liu, H.W.; 貢中元-
-GSR: A global seek-optimizing real-time disk-scheduling algorithmChang, H.P.; 張軒彬 ; Chang, R.I.; Shih, W.K.; Chang, R.C.-
-A hybrid efficient routing protocol for sink-oriented ad hoc sensor networksHsu, S.C.; Chang, H.P.-
-Influence of hydrogen plasma treatment on Al-doped ZnO thin films for amorphous silicon thin film solar cellsWang, F.H.; 汪芳興; Chang, H.P.; Tseng, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Liu, H.W.; 劉漢文-
-An Online Reprogrammable Operating System for Wireless Sensor NetworksChang, H.P.; Lin, Y.C.; Chang, D.W.-
-System supports for protocol and application adaptation in vertical handoffsChang, H.P.; 張軒彬 ; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.-