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-An adaptive image segmentation algorithm for X-ray quarantine inspection of selected fruitsJiang, J.A.; 楊曼妙; Chang, H.Y.; Wu, K.H.; Ouyang, C.S.; Yang, M.M.; Yang, E.C.; Chen, T.W.; Lin, T.T.-
-An apoptosis-related gene network induced by novel compound-cRGD in human breast cancer cellsHuang, T.C.; Huang, H.C.; Chang, C.C.; Chang, H.Y.; Ou, C.H.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, S.T.; Juan, H.F.-
-Diosgenin Suppresses Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)-Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition by Down-regulation of Mdm2 and VimentinChang, H.Y.; Kao, M.C.; Way, T.D.; Ho, C.T.; Fu, E.-
-Long-Term Prednisolone Treatments Increase Bioactive Vitamin B-6 Synthesis In VivoChang, H.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Lin, S.J.; Wu, Y.T.; Chiang, E.P.I.-
-Natural mass infection by heterophyid metacercariae in aquacultured Japanese eel in TaiwanOoi, H.K.; 黃鴻堅; Wang, W.S.; Tu, C.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Chen, C.I.-
-Performance improvement of two-dimensional packet classification by filter rephrasingWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Lee, C.L.; Chan, C.T.; Chang, H.Y.-
-Reliability of solid phase microextraction in estimating bioavailability of pyrene in soilLiu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Hung, J.M.; Lai, H.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Lu, C.J.-
-Scalable packet classification for enabling Internet differentiated servicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Lee, C.L.; Chang, H.Y.-
-Species clarification for the medicinally valuable 'sanghuang' mushroomWu, S.H.; Dai, Y.C.; Hattori, T.; Yu, T.W.; Wang, D.M.; Parmasto, E.; Chang, H.Y.; Shih, S.Y.-
-Synthesis and Rapid Polymerizations of Aryl- and Alkyl-bis(azetidine-2,4-dione)s to Polymalonamide ElastomersKuo, M.C.; 鄭如忠; Tung, Y.C.; Yeh, C.L.; Chang, H.Y.; Jeng, R.J.; Dai, S.A.; 戴憲弘-
-Synthesis of N-aryl azetidine-2,4-diones and polymalonamides prepared from selective ring-opening reactionsDai, S.A.; 鄭如忠; Juang, T.Y.; Chen, C.P.; Chang, H.Y.; Kuo, W.J.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-