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-Etiology and cytokine expression in patients requiring mechanical ventilation due to severe community-acquired pneumoniaWu, C.L.; Chan, M.C.; Chang, G.C.; Lee, Y.L.; Chin, C.S.; Chang, K.M.; Hsu, J.Y.-
-Evaluation of a new inflammatory molecule (triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1) in the diagnosis of pleural effusionChan, M.C.; Chang, K.M.; Chao, W.C.; Lin, L.Y.; Kuo, B.I.T.; Hsu, J.Y.; Wu, C.L.-
-Isolation and characterization of novel giant Stenotrophomonas maltophilia phage phi SMA5Chang, H.C.; 翁淑芬; Chen, C.R.; Lin, J.W.; Shen, G.H.; Chang, K.M.; Tseng, Y.H.; Weng, S.F.-
-Usefulness of Tumor Marker CA-125 Serum Levels for the Follow-Up of Therapeutic Responses in Tuberculosis Patients with and without SerositisHuang, W.C.; 陳建華; Tseng, C.W.; Chang, K.M.; Hsu, J.Y.; Chen, J.H.; Shen, G.H.-