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-Closing-opening wedge osteotomy for the treatment of sagittal imbalanceChang, K.W.; Cheng, C.W.; Chen, H.C.; Chang, K.I.; Chen, T.C.-
-Correction Hinge in the Compromised Cord for Severe and Rigid Angular Kyphosis With Neurologic DeficitsChang, K.W.; Cheng, C.W.; Chen, H.C.; Chen, T.C.-
-Effects of nitrogen status on leaf anatomy, chlorophyll content and canopy reflectance of paddy riceLee, Y.J.; Yang, C.M.; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.-
-A handy imaging system for precision agriculture studiesLee, Y.J.; 申 雍; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.; Huang, T.M.; Tsay, H.L.-
-Large-area rice yield forecasting using satellite imageriesWang, Y.P.; 申 雍; Chang, K.W.; Chen, R.K.; Lo, J.C.; Shen, Y.-
-Optimal control of a removable and non-reliable server in an infinite and a finite M/H-2/l queueing systemWang, K.H.; 王國雄; Chang, K.W.; Sivazlian, B.D.-
-Predicting algal bloom in the Techi reservoir using Landsat TM dataChang, K.W.; 申 雍; Shen, Y.; Chen, P.C.-
-Predicting rice yield using canopy reflectance measured at booting stageChang, K.W.; 申 雍; Shen, Y.; Lo, J.C.-
-Quality Control of Reconstructed Sagittal Balance for Sagittal ImbalanceChang, K.W.; Leng, X.Y.; Zhao, W.H.; Cheng, C.W.; Chen, T.C.; Chang, K.I.; Chen, Y.Y.-
-A simple spectral index using reflectance of 735 nm to assess nitrogen status of rice canopyLee, Y.J.; 申 雍; Yang, C.M.; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.-
-Tai Chi (sic) Pedicle Screw Placement for Severe ScoliosisChang, K.W.; Wang, Y.F.; Zhang, G.Z.; Cheng, C.W.; Chen, H.Y.; Leng, X.Y.; Chen, Y.Y.-
-UDP-glucose dehydrogenase gene of Xanthomonas campestris is required for virulenceChang, K.W.; 翁淑芬; Weng, S.F.; Tseng, Y.H.-