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-Assessing Customer Satisfaction in a V-commerce EnvironmentChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Jang, Y.T.-
-Assessing users' product-specific knowledge for personalization in electronic commerce張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Changchien, S.W.; Huang, R.H.-
-Design and storage cycle time analysis for the automated storage system with a conveyor and a rotary rackHsieh, Y.J.; 張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Chang, S.C.-
-Evaluation of the Antiangiogenic Effect of Kringle 1-5 in a Rat Glioma ModelLin, Y.L.; Tsai, M.J.; Lo, M.J.; Chang, S.E.; Shih, Y.H.; Lee, M.J.; Kuo, H.S.; Kuo, W.C.; Huang, W.C.; Cheng, H.; Huang, M.C.-
-Exploring organizational culture for information security managementChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Lin, C.S.-
-The implementation of a secure and pervasive multimodal Web system architectureChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Minkin, B.-
-Location-based services for tourism industry: An empirical study張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Hsieh, Y.J.; Chen, C.W.; Liao, C.K.; Wang, S.T.-
-Organizational factors to the effectiveness of implementing information security managementChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Ho, C.B.; 何建達-
-A user study of accessing web applications via voice cellular phone: a model comparison approachChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Chen, S.Y.; Liu, Y.H.-
-A virtual enterprise based information system architecture for the tourism industryChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Chou, Y.C.-
-Voice enabling mobile financial services with multimodal transformationChang, S.E.; 張樹之-