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-An anomalous spin-polarization mechanism in high-spin manganese(III) porphyrin complexesCheng, R.J.; 陳如珍; Chang, S.H.; Hung, K.C.-
-Biotoxicity evaluation of fly ash and bottom ash from different municipal solid waste incineratorsChou, J.D.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Liang, H.H.; Chang, S.H.-
-Characteristics and biocompatibility of a biodegradable genipin-cross-linked gelatin/beta-tricalcium phosphate reinforced nerve guide conduitYang, Y.C.; Shen, C.C.; Huang, T.B.; Chang, S.H.; Cheng, H.C.; Liu, B.S.-
-Copper emission during thermal treatment of simulated copper sludgeChou, J.D.; Lin, C.L.; Hsien, Y.L.; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.-
-Degradation of azo and anthraquinone dyes by a low-cost Fe-0/air ProcessChang, S.H.; Wang, K.S.; Chao, S.J.; Peng, T.H.; Huang, L.C.-
-Degradation of Reactive Black 5 using combined electrochemical degradation-solar-light/immobilized TiO2 film process and toxicity evaluationWang, K.S.; Chen, H.Y.; Huang, L.C.; Su, Y.C.; Chang, S.H.-
-Effect of Cu species on leaching behavior of simulated copper sludge after thermal treatment: ESCA analysisChou, J.D.; 魏銘彥; Lin, C.L.; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.-
-The effects of wet sorghum distillers' grains inclusion on napiergrass silage qualityChiou, P.W.S.; 余 碧; Chang, S.H.; Yu, B.-
-Emission of Pb and PAHs from thermally co-treated MSWI fly ash and bottom ash processChou, J.D.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.-
-Enhancement of Rhodamine B removal by low-cost fly ash sorption with Fenton pre-oxidationChang, S.H.; 魏銘彥; Wang, K.S.; Li, H.C.; Wey, M.Y.; Chou, J.D.-
-Evaluation of biodegradable polyesters modified by type II collagen and Arg-Gly-Asp as tissue engineering scaffolding materials for cartilage regenerationHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Chang, S.H.; Yen, H.J.; Whu, S.W.; Tsai, C.L.; Chen, D.C.-
-Evaluation of the distribution patterns of Pb, Cu and Cd from MSWI fly ash during thermal treatment by sequential extraction procedureChou, J.D.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.-
-Fast patterning microstructures using inkjet printing conformal masksLin, C.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chang, F.Y.; Chang, S.H.; Yen, M.T.-
-Fast patterning microstructures using inkjet printing conformal masks (vol 14, pg 1263, 2008)Lin, C.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chang, F.Y.; Chang, S.H.; Yen, M.T.-
-Inhibition and promotion: The effect of earth alkali metals and operating temperature on particle agglomeration/defluidization during incineration in fluidized bedLin, C.L.; 魏銘彥; Kuo, J.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.; Wang, A.S.-
-Phytoremediation of Cr(III) by Ipomonea aquatica (water spinach) from water in the presence of EDTA and chloride: Effects of Cr speciationChen, J.C.; Wang, K.S.; Chen, H.; Lu, C.Y.; Huang, L.C.; Li, H.C.; Peng, T.H.; Chang, S.H.-
-Porphyromonas gingivalis-related cardiac cell apoptosis was majorly co-activated by p38 and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathwaysLee, S.D.; Wu, C.C.; Kuo, W.W.; Lin, J.A.; Hwang, J.M.; Lu, M.C.; Chen, L.M.; Hsu, H.H.; Wang, C.K.; Chang, S.H.; Huang, C.Y.-
-Pseudorabies virus early protein 0 trans-activates the TATA-associated promoter by stimulating the transcription initiationHo, T.Y.; 張天傑; Wu, S.L.; Chang, T.J.; Hsiang, C.H.; Chang, S.H.; Hsiang, C.Y.-
-Studies on the use of wet sorghum distiller's grains in lactating cowsChiou, P.W.S.; 余 碧; Chang, S.H.; Chiang, J.K.; Yu, B.; Chen, C.R.-
-Study of the activity and backscattered electron image of Pt/CNTs prepared by the polyol process for flue gas purificationLu, C.Y.; 魏銘彥; Wei, M.C.; Chang, S.H.; Wey, M.Y.-