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-10-nm-thick quinary (AlCrTaTiZr)N film as effective diffusion barrier for Cu interconnects at 900 degrees CChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chen, D.S.-
-4-nm thick multilayer structure of multi-component (AlCrRuTaTiZr)N-x as robust diffusion barrier for Cu interconnectsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Li, C.E.; Chiang, S.C.; Huang, Y.C.-
-5 nm-Thick (AlCrTaTiZrRu)N-0.5 Multi-Component Barrier Layer with High Diffusion Resistance for Cu InterconnectsChang, S.Y.; Wang, C.Y.; Li, C.E.; Huang, Y.C.-
-(AlCrTaTiZr)N/(AlCrTaTiZr)N-0.7 bilayer structure of high resistance to the interdiffusion of Cu and Si at 900 degrees CChang, S.Y.; Chen, D.S.-
-Analyses of interface adhesion between Cu and SiCN etch stop layers by nanoindentation and nanoscratch testsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Lee, Y.S.-
-Analyses of interface adhesion between porous SiO2 low-k film and SiC/SiN layers by nanoindentation and nanoscratch tests張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Analyses of interface adhesion between porous SiOCH low-k film and SiCN layers by nanoindentation and nanoscratch testsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Tsai, H.C.; Chang, J.Y.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, Y.S.-
-Analysis of interfacial shear strength of SiC fiber reinforced 7075 aluminum composite by pushout microindentation張守一; Chen, L.G.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.-
-Anomalous decrease in X-ray diffraction intensities of Cu-Ni-Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Si alloy systems with multi-principal elements張守一; Yeh, J.W.; Chang, S.Y.; Hong, Y.D.; Chen, S.K.; Lin, S.J.-
-Antibacterial behavior of TaN-Ag nanocomposite thin films with and without annealingHsieh, J.H.; 張守一; Tseng, C.C.; Chang, Y.K.; Chang, S.Y.; Wu, W.; 吳威德-
-Assembled GaN : Mg inverted hexagonal pyramids formed through a photoelectrochemical wet-etching processLin, C.F.; 張守一; Dai, J.J.; Yang, Z.J.; Zheng, J.H.; Chang, S.Y.-
-Atomic-scale observation on the nucleation and growth of displacement-activated palladium catalysts and electroless copper platingLai, C.H.; 張守一; Sung, Y.C.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Yeh, J.W.-
-Characteristics of a 10 nm-thick (TiVCr)N multi-component diffusion barrier layer with high diffusion resistance for Cu interconnectsTsai, D.C.; 張守一; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, S.R.; Jung, D.R.; Chang, S.Y.; Chang, Z.C.; Deng, M.J.; Shieu, F.S.; 薛富盛-
-Characterization of extended-host-range pseudo-T-even bacteriophage Kpp95 isolated on Klebsiella pneumoniaeWu, L.T.; Chang, S.Y.; Yen, M.R.; Yang, T.C.; Tseng, Y.H.-
-Chemical-Mechanical Lift-Off Process for InGaN Epitaxial LayersLin, M.S.; 張守一; Lin, C.F.; Huang, W.C.; Wang, G.M.; Shieh, B.C.; Dai, J.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Wuu, D.S.; Liu, P.L.; Horng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; 武東星; 林佳鋒-
-Curing process window and thermal stability of porous MSQ-based low-dielectric-constant materialsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chou, T.J.; Lu, Y.C.; Jang, S.M.; Lin, S.J.; Liang, M.S.-
-Deformation behavior of electrolessly deposited ultrafine nanocrystalline copper films under instrumented nanoindentationChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chang, T.K.; Lee, Y.S.-
-Diffusion barrier performance of TiVCr alloy film in Cu metallizationTsai, D.C.; 張守一; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, S.R.; Jung, D.R.; Chang, S.Y.; Shieu, F.S.; 薛富盛-
-Early-stage nucleation crystallography of sensitization-activated palladium catalysts and electrolessly deposited copper filmsSung, Y.C.; 張守一; Lai, C.H.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.-
-Effect of collagen on the mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite coatings張守一; Ou, K.L.; Chung, R.J.; Tsai, F.Y.; Liang, P.Y.; Huang, S.W.; Chang, S.Y.-