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-Adsorption and desorption of lysozyme and albumin to cibacron blue 3GA using gel beads and membrane discsSuen, S.Y.; 孫幸宜; Chang, Y.S.-
-Analyses of interface adhesion between porous SiOCH low-k film and SiCN layers by nanoindentation and nanoscratch testsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Tsai, H.C.; Chang, J.Y.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, Y.S.-
-Comparison of Two Different Screening Methods for the KRAS Mutation in Colorectal CancerEr, T.K.; 張天傑; Chang, Y.S.; Yeh, K.T.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, J.G.-
-Dark side of relationships: A tensions-based viewFang, S.R.; Chang, Y.S.; Peng, Y.C.-
-Detection of N-, H-, and KRAS codons 12, 13, and 61 mutations with universal RAS primer multiplex PCR and N-, H-, and KRAS-specific primer extensionChang, Y.S.; 張天傑; Yeh, K.T.; Hsu, N.C.; Lin, S.H.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, J.G.-
-Effect of plasma treatments on interface adhesion between SiOCH ultra-low-k film and SiCN etch stop layer張守一; Tsai, H.C.; Chang, Y.S.; Chang, S.Y.-
-Exploring metal vapor vacuum arc implanted copper to catalyze electroless-plated copper film on a TaN/FSG/Si assemblyChen, U.S.; Lin, J.H.; Hsieh, W.J.; Shih, P.S.; Weng, K.W.; Wang, D.Y.; Chang, Y.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Expression of the glycoprotein E2 of the classical swine fever virus in Escherichia coliWong, M.L.; 張天傑; Liu, J.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Chang, T.J.-
-Fast simultaneous detection of K-RAS mutations in colorectal cancerChang, Y.S.; 張天傑; Yeh, K.T.; Chang, T.J.; Chai, C.; Lu, H.C.; Hsu, N.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus in Desert Rose in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Lin, Y.W.; Wu, M.Y.-
-First Report of Turnip ringspot virus in Field Mustard (Brassica chinensis) in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Bau, H.J.-
-Generating effective interorganizational change: A relational approachFang, S.R.; Wu, J.J.; Fang, S.C.; Chang, Y.S.; Chao, P.W.-
-Hispolon Suppresses SK-Hep1 Human Hepatoma Cell Metastasis by Inhibiting Matrix Metalloproteinase-2/9 and Urokinase-Plasminogen Activator through the PI3K/Akt and ERK Signaling PathwaysHuang, G.J.; 胡淼琳; Yang, C.M.; Chang, Y.S.; Amagaya, S.; Wang, H.C.; Hou, W.C.; Huang, S.S.; Hu, M.L.-
-Identification of Carnation mottle virus from Lisianthus Plants in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Chen, C.C.-
-Molecular cloning and characterization of fengycin synthetase gene fenB from Bacillus subtilisLi, G.H.; Chen, C.L.; Tschen, J.S.M.; Tsay, S.S.; Chang, Y.S.; Liu, S.T.-
-Neuroactive steroids inhibit spinal reflex potentiation by selectively enhancing specific spinal GABA(A) receptor subtypesPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chen, G.D.; Lee, S.D.; Lai, C.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Cheng, C.L.; Chang, Y.S.; Hsieh, M.C.; Tung, K.C.; Lin, T.B.-
-Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition carbon nanotubes for ethanol gas sensorsHu, C.T.; Liu, C.K.; Huang, M.W.; Syue, S.H.; Wu, J.M.; Chang, Y.S.; Yeh, J.W.; Shih, H.C.-
-The presence of RNA splicing signals in the cDNA construct of the E2 gene of classical swine fever virus affected its expressionShiu, J.S.; 張天傑; Liu, S.T.; Chang, T.J.; Ho, W.C.; Lai, S.S.; Chang, Y.S.-
-Rapid identification of HBB gene mutations by high-resolution melting analysisShih, H.C.; 張天傑; Er, T.K.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Liu, T.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-Rapid identification of the medicinal plant Taraxacum formosanum and distinguishing of this plant from its adulterants by ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) based DNA barcodeChiang, Y.C.; Chang, W.T.; Chen, M.D.; Lai, G.H.; Chen, H.J.; Chao, J.; Lin, M.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Chou, Y.M.; Lee, M.S.-