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-Feed restriction ameliorates metabolic dysregulation and improves reproductive performance of meat-type country chickensPan, Yu-En; Liu, Zu-Chen; Chang, Chai-Ju; Huang, Yu-Feng; Lai, Chien-Yang; Walzem, Rosemary L.; Chen, Shuen-Ei-
-Intramammary infusion of anEnterococcus faecium SF68 preparation promoted the involution of drying off Holstein cows partly related to neutrophil-associated matrix metalloproteinase 9Tiantong, Attapol; Peng, Hsing-Yi; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Piamya, Piya; Liu, Wen-Bor; Chen, Ming-Tsao; Yu, Chi; Nagahata, Hajime; Chang, Chai-Ju-
-Involvement of TNF- and MAPK pathway in the intramammary MMP-9 release via degranulation of cow neutrophils during acute mammary gland involutionYu, Ting-Chieh; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Ho, Tsung-Hua; Peh, Huo-Cheng; Liu, Wen-Bor; Tiantong, Attapol; Nagahata, Hajime; Chang, Chai-Ju-
-Modifications of the defense and remodeling functionalities of bovine neutrophils inside the mammary gland of milk stasis cows received a commercial dry-cow treatmentYu, Ting-Chieh; Chang, Chai-Ju; Ho, Chin-Han; Peh, Huo-Cheng; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Liu, Wen-Bor; Peng, Hsin-Yi; Piamya, Piya; Chen, Ming-Tsao; Nagahata, Hajime-
-應用逆相HPLC測定山羊血清及全乳中助孕素之簡易法及助孕素濃度於配種後之變化陳海峰; Chen, Hai-Feng-