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-A Soft Coral-Derived Compound, 11-Dehydrosinulariolide, Induces G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Small Cell Lung CancerLin, Yu-Chao; Su, Jui-Hsin; Lin, Shih-Chao; Chang, Chia-Che; Hsia, Te-Chun; Tung, Yu-Tang; Lin, Chi-Chien; 林季千
-Development of natural anti-tumor drugs by microorganismsChang, Chia-Che; Chen, Wei-Chuan; Ho, Tsing-Fen; Wu, Ho-Shing; Wei, Yu-Hong-
-Kr�ppel-like factor 4 is involved in cell scattering induced by hepatocyte growth factorLai, Jun-Kai; Wu, Han-Chung; Shen, Yuh-Chiang; Hsieh, Hsin-Ying; Yang, Shu-Yi; Chang, Chia-Che-
-Let-7b-mediated suppression of basigin expression and metastasis in mouse melanoma cellsFu, Tzu-Yen; Chang, Chia-Che; Lin, Chun-Ting; Lai, Cong-Hao; Peng, Shao-Yu; Ko, Yi-Ju; Tang, Pin-Chi-
-Metformin decreases hepatocellular carcinoma risk in a dose-dependent manner: population-based and in vitro studiesChen, Hsiao-Ping; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; Chang, Chia-Che; Chen, Tzu-Ting; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Lin, Jeng-Horng; Wu, Chun-Ying-
-Obatoclax, a Pan-BCL-2 Inhibitor, Targets Cyclin D1 for Degradation to Induce Antiproliferation in Human Colorectal Carcinoma CellsOr, Chi-Hung R; Chang, Yachu; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Lee, Wee-Chyan; Su, Hong-Lin; Cheung, Muk-Wing; Huang, Chang-Po; Ho, Cheesang; Chang, Chia-Che
-Prodigiosin activates endoplasmic reticulum stress cell death pathway in human breast carcinoma cell linesPan, Mu-Yun; Shen, Yuh-Chiang; Lu, Chien-Hsing; Yang, Shu-Yi; Ho, Tsing-Fen; Peng, Yu-Ta; Chang, Chia-Che-
-Prodigiosin down-regulates SKP2 to induce p27KIP1 stabilization and antiproliferation in human lung adenocarcinoma cellsHsieh, Hsin-Ying; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; Chen, Chun-Jung; Pan, Mu-Yun; Yang, Shu-Yi; Lin, Shin-Chang; Chang, Jo-Shu; Lee, Alan Yueh-Luen; Chang, Chia-Che-
-Prodigiosin inhibits gp91(phox) and iNOS expression to protect mice against the oxidative/nitrosative brain injury induced by hypoxia-ischemiaChang, Chia-Che; Wang, Yea-Hwey; Chern, Chang-Ming; Liou, Kuo-Tong; Hou, Yu-Chang; Peng, Yu-Ta; Shen, Yuh-Chiang-
-Prodigiosin-induced cytotoxicity involves RAD51 down-regulation through the JNK and p38 MAPK pathways in human breast carcinoma cell linesLu, Chien-Hsing; Lin, Shin-Chang; Yang, Shu-Yi; Pan, Mu-Yun; Lin, Yun-Wei; Hsu, Chun-Yi; Wei, Yu-Hong; Chang, Jo-Shu; Chang, Chia-Che-
-Resveratrol Alleviates Rheumatoid Arthritis via Reducing ROS and Inflammation, Inhibiting MAPK Signaling Pathways, and Suppressing AngiogenesisYang, Guliang; Chang, Chia-Che; 張嘉哲; Yang, Yiwen; Yuan, Li; Xu, Leishiyuan; Ho, Chi-Tang; Li, Shiming
-Tanshinone IIA Facilitates TRAIL Sensitization by Up-regulating DR5 through the ROS-JNK-CHOP Signaling Axis in Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cell LinesChang, Chia-Che; Kuan, Cheng-Ping; Lin, Jyun-Yi; Lai, Jui-Sheng; Ho, Tsing-Fen-
-TaqMan real-time PCR for detection and quantitation of squash leaf curl virus in cucurbitsKuan, Cheng-Ping; Huang, Hung-Chang; Chang, Chia-Che; Lu, Yi-Lin-