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-A survey of recent unusual high-resolution DNA structures provoked by mismatches, repeats and ligand bindingSatange, Roshan; Chang, Chung-Ke; 侯明宏; Hou, Ming-Hon
-CoII(Chromomycin)₂ Complex Induces a Conformational Change of CCG Repeats from i-Motif to Base-Extruded DNA DuplexChen, Yu-Wen; Satange, Roshan; Wu, Pei-Ching; Jhan, Cyong-Ru; Chang, Chung-Ke; Chung, Kuang-Ren; Waring, Michael J; Lin, Sheng-Wei; 謝立青; Hsieh, Li-Ching; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Cooperative recognition of T:T mismatch by echinomycin causes structural distortions in DNA duplexWu, Pei-Ching; Tzeng, Shu-Ling; Chang, Chung-Ke; Kao, Ya-Fen; Waring, Michael J; 侯明宏; Hou, Ming-Hon