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-Characterization of three Colletotrichum acutatum isolates from Capsicum spp.Liao, Chein-Yao; Chen, Mei-Ya; Chen, Yuh-Kun; Wang, Tien-Cheng; Sheu, Zong-Ming; Kuo, Ker-Chung; Chang, Pi-Fang Linda; Chung, Kuang-Ren; Lee, Miin-Huey-
-Genetic diversity and identification of race 3 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae in TaiwanLin, Ying-Hong; Lai, Po-Jung; Chang, Tao-Ho; Wan, Yu-Ling; Huang, Jenn-Wen; Huang, Jin-Hsing; Chang, Pi-Fang Linda
-水稻熱休克蛋白質的累積及其對水稻幼苗在熱及氧化逆境下的保護作用林佩玲; Lin, Pei-Ling-