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-Coating TiVCr hydrogen storage alloy on the anode gas diffusion layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cells to improve performanceFang, Sheng-Yu; Huang, Rong-Hsin; Teoh, Lay Gaik; Hsueh, Kan-Lin; Chao, Wen-Kai; Tsai, Du-Cheng; Yang, Tse-Ning; Shieu, Fuh-Sheng-
-Effect of adding hygroscopic metal and metal oxide particles in the anode catalyst layer on the PEMFC performance by PVD and ultrasonic techniquesChao, Wen-Kai; 趙文愷-
-Facile Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Montmorillonite Electrochemical Method in the Presence of SodiumHuang, Rong-Hsin; Chao, Wen-Kai; Yu, Ruei-Sung; Huang, Rong-Tan; Hsueh, Kan-Lin; Shieu, Fuh-Sheng-
-Improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cells performance by coating hygroscopic zinc oxide on the anodic catalyst layerHuang, Rong-Hsin; Chiu, Tsai-Wei; Lin, Tien-Jen; Sun, Chung-Hsing; Chao, Wen-Kai; Tsai, Du-Cheng; Hsueh, Kan-Lin; Shieu, Fuh-Sheng-
-添加親水性γ-氧化鋁於陽極觸媒層中改善PEMFC的效能趙文愷; Chao, Wen-Kai-