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-Bioreactors and in situ product recovery techniques for acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentationLi, Si-Yu; Chiang, Chung-Jen; Tseng, I-Ting; He, Chi-Ruei; Chao, Yun-Peng; 李思禹
-Biorefining of protein waste for production of sustainable fuels and chemicalsLi, Si-Yu; 李思禹; Ng, I-Son; Chen, Po Ting; Chiang, Chung-Jen; Chao, Yun-Peng
-Direct in situ butanol recovery inside the packed bed during continuous acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentationWang, Yin-Rong; Chiang, Yu-Sheng; Chuang, Po-Jen; Chao, Yun-Peng; Li, Si-Yu; 李思禹-
-Effect of Pleurotus eryngii Stalk Residue on the Oxidative Status and Meat Quality of Broiler ChickensLee, Tzu-Tai; Ciou, Jhih-Ying; Chiang, Ching-Jen; Chao, Yun-Peng; Yu, Bi-
-Effects of recombinant lycopene dietary supplement on the egg quality and blood characteristics of laying quailsHsu, Wei-Ting; Chiang, Chung-Jen; Chao, Yun-Peng; Chang, Chi-Huan; Lin, Li-Jen; Yu, Bi; Lee, Tzu-Tai-