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-Controlling the O/Si ratio of nanocrystal silicon oxide films and its influence on the light emissionYeu-Long Jiang; Rui-Feng Lai; Zhen-You Lin; Pei-Tzong Shih; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Peng-Tzong Kuo-
-The influence of silicon nanocrystals embedded in amorphous silicon solar cells on the photodegradation effectsYeu-Long Jiang; Jr-Yuan Shiu; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Peng-Tzong Kuo; Zhen-You Lin; Pei-TzongShih-
-Light emitting properties from nc-Si embedded in SiNX filmsYeu-Long Jiang; Pei-Tzong Shih; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Zhen-You Lin; Peng-Tzong Kuo-
-Variation of Si-H bonds of a-Si:H films by pulse annealingTai-Chao Kuo; Yeu-Long Jiang; Peng-Tzong Kuo; Pei-Tzong Shih; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Zhen-You Lin-