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-921 震災崩塌地植生復育監測與評估林文賜; Wen-Tzu Lin; 林昭遠; 吳瑞鵬; Chao-Yuan Lin; Jui-Pen Wu-
-921地震崩塌地植生復育與坡面泥砂產量之研究胡婷雅; Hu, Ting-Ya-
-921震災崩塌地特性分析及變遷監測之研究林文賜; Wen-Tzu Lin; 黃碧慧; 林昭遠; 周文杰; Pi-Hui Huang; Chao-Yuan Lin; Wen-Chieh- Chou-
-Analyzing the Vegetation Restoration of Landslides in the Gaoping River BasinShang-Te Tsai; Chaur-Tzuhn Chen; Chao-Yuan Lin; Wei-Chih Chen; 蔡尚悳; 陳朝圳; 林昭遠; 陳韋志
-Application of fire risk analysis for wildfire management at Dadu terrace莊翌琳; Yi-Lin Chuang
-Application of Grid Rational Algorithm for Predicting Hydrograph (GRAPH) Model for Runoff Simulation of Ba-zhang Creek Watershed鍾亦婷; Chung, Yi-Ting-
-Application of Grid Rational Algorithm for Predicting Hydrograph (GRAPH) Model in Suspended Load Estimation for a Watershed張力文; Li-Wen Zhang
-Application of Topographic Analysis on Real-time Query of InternetPi-Hui Huang; 黃碧慧; Chao-Yuan Lin; Wen-Tzu Lin; 林昭遠; 林文賜
-Application of Vegetation Index to Extract the Spatial Distribution of Manning's Roughness Coefficient for Inundation Simulation林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 陳禹成; 莊智瑋; Yu-Cheng Chen; Chin-wei Chuang
-Assessment of Outdoor Classrooms for the Elementary Schools Using Environmental Education Competence Indicators王智; Zhi Wang
-Automated Extracting Watershed Geomorphologic and Hydrologic FactorsWen-Tzu Lin; 林文賜; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠-
-An Automatic Delineation of Slope Length Factor for Watershed Soil Loss EstimationWen-Tzu Lin; 林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林文賜-
-Characteristics of Drought Responses for Conservation Plants in Mudstone AreasChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; Wen-Si Lin; 林文賜-
-Delineation of landslide potential along the roads in Alishan-Creek watershed by using environmental index林昭遠; 鄧亞恬; 黃文政; Chao-Yuan Lin; Ya-TienTeng; Wen-Cheng Huang
-Development and Application of Grid Rational Algorithm for Predicting Hydrograph (GRAPH) ModelChou, Wen-Chieh; 周文杰-
-Dynamic delineation of potential landslide areas in a watershed黃文彥; Wen-Yen Huang
-Effect of Topographic Factors on Occurrence of Debris Flow: A Case Study of Chen-yu-lan Creek WatershedLit Chang; 張力仁; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠-
-Enhancement of environment education effectiveness for outdoor classroom using the viewpoints of junior high school studentsTsung-Ju Hsieh; Cheng-Yu Lin; Chao-Yuan Lin; 謝宗儒; 林政侑; 林昭遠
-Environmental Sensitivity Analysis and Recovery Efficiency at the Wasabi Cultivation in Alishan Forest WatershedLiu, Chia-Fang; 劉佳芳-
-Estimation and application of deep-seat landslide in a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; Wen-Yen Huang; Wen-Cheng Huang; 林昭遠; 黃文彥; 黃文政