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-Assessment of Flood and Sediment Disaster Potential Area on Datu TerraceChao-yuan Lin; Hsueh-fen Tseng; Kuei-Lin Fu; 林昭遠; 曾雪芬; 傅桂霖
-Modelling for Delineation of the Large-scale Landslide Potential in Laishe Creek WatershedChia-Hung Lin; Shu-Fen Tsai; Chao-yuan Lin; 林家弘; 蔡淑芬; 林昭遠
-Modelling for wildfire risk evaluation in Dadu TerraceYi-Lin Chuang; Chuphan Chompuchan; Chao-yuan Lin; 莊翌琳; 蘇潘; 林昭遠