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-Dispersion and rheology of nickel nanoparticle inksTseng, W.J.; 曾文甲; Chen, C.N.-
-Dispersion and rheology of surfactant-mediated silver nanoparticle suspensionsChen, C.N.; 曾文甲; Huang, C.T.; Tseng, W.J.; Wei, M.H.-
-Effect of polymeric dispersant on rheological behavior of nickel-terpineol suspensionsTseng, W.J.J.; 曾文甲; Chen, C.N.-
-Effect of polymeric surfactant on particulate structure in nickel-terpineol suspensionsChen, C.N.; 曾文甲; Tseng, W.J.-
-The expression of gill Na, K-ATPase in milkfish, Chanos chanos, acclimated to seawater, brackish water and fresh waterLin, Y.M.; 李宗翰; Chen, C.N.; Lee, T.H.-
-Gene expression profile predicts patient survival of gastric cancer after surgical resectionChen, C.N.; 陳健尉; Lin, J.J.; Chen, J.J.W.; Lee, P.H.; Yang, C.Y.; Kuo, M.L.; Chang, K.J.; Hsieh, F.J.-
-Ionocyte distribution in gills of the Euryhaline milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskal, 1775)Chen, C.N.; 李宗翰; Lin, L.Y.; Lee, T.H.-
-Micellar layer-by-layer synthesis of TiO2/Ag hybrid particles for bactericidal and photocatalytic activitiesLin, W.C.; Chen, C.N.; Tseng, T.T.; Wei, M.H.; Hsieh, J.H.; Tseng, W.J.-
-Refractory filler sands with core-shell composite structure for the taphole nozzle in slide-gate system of steel ladlesTseng, T.T.; Wu, H.M.; Chen, C.N.; Cheng, C.C.; Uan, J.Y.; Wu, W.T.; Tseng, W.J.-
-Short-term effects of hyposmotic shock on Na+/K+-ATPase expression in gills of the euryhaline milkfish, Chanos chanosLin, Y.M.; 李宗翰; Chen, C.N.; Yoshinaga, T.; Tsai, S.C.; Shen, I.D.; Lee, T.H.-
-Side chain dendritic polyurethanes with shape-memory effectTsai, C.C.; 吳宗明; Chang, C.C.; Yu, C.S.; Dai, S.A.; Wu, T.M.; Su, W.C.; Chen, C.N.; Chen, F.M.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Surfactant-assisted de-agglomeration of graphite nanoparticles by wet ball mixingChen, C.N.; 曾文甲; Chen, Y.L.; Tseng, W.J.-
-Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Silver-Doped Silica Nanocomposite ParticlesChen, G.S.; 曾文甲; Chen, C.N.; Tseng, T.T.; Wei, M.H.; Hsieh, J.H.; Tseng, W.J.-
-Synthesis, characterization, and electrostatic dissipating property of comblike poly(oxyalkylene)imide-functionalized PP and SEBSLin, J.J.; Shau, S.M.; Cheng, I.J.; Chen, C.N.-
-Synthesis, characterization, and interfacial behaviors of poly(oxyethylene)-grafted SEBS copolymersLin, J.J.; Cheng, I.J.; Chen, C.N.; Kwan, C.C.-
-Towards design of a nailfold capillary microscopy image analysis and diagnosis framework using grid technologyLi, K.C.; Chen, C.N.; Hsieh, T.Y.; Wen, C.H.; Lan, J.L.; Chen, D.Y.; Tang, C.Y.-