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-Analysis of millimeter-wave GaN impatt oscillator at elevated temperatureMeng, C.C.; Liao, G.R.; Chen, J.W.-
-Ion-implanted planar-gate GaAs MESFET optimized for single-voltage-supply operationMeng, C.C.; Chen, J.W.; Liu, S.J.-
-Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of 3 '-terminal region of classical swine fever virus LPC vaccine strainWong, M.L.; 張天傑; Liu, J.J.; Huang, C.J.; Chen, J.W.; Chang, T.J.; 黃千衿-
-Reliability Measures of a Repairable System with Standby Switching Failures and Reboot DelayKe, J.B.; Chen, J.W.; Wang, K.H.-
-Uncovering Small RNA-Mediated Responses to Phosphate Deficiency in Arabidopsis by Deep SequencingHsieh, L.C.; Lin, S.I.; Shih, A.C.C.; Chen, J.W.; Lin, W.Y.; Tseng, C.Y.; Li, W.H.; Chiou, T.J.-