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-Caponization and testosterone implantation effects on blood lipid and lipoprotein profile in male chickensChen, K.L.; Chi, W.T.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Caponization effects on growth performance and lipid metabolism in Taiwan country chicken cockerelsChen, K.L.; Hsieh, T.Y.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effect of caponization and exogenous androgens implantation on blood lipid and lipoprotein profile in male chickensChen, K.L.; Lee, T.Y.; Huang, C.C.; Chen, Y.C.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effect of dietary inclusion of dehydrated food waste products on Taiwan native chicken (Taishi No. 13)Chen, K.L.; 余 碧; Chang, H.J.; Yang, C.K.; You, S.H.; Jenq, H.D.; Yu, B.-
-Effect of dietary organic arsenicals and cupric sulfate on copper toxicity, liver accumulation and residue in eggs and excreta of laying hensChiou, P.W.S.; 余 碧; Chen, K.L.; Yu, B.-
-Effect of dietary supplementation of beta-1,3-1,6-glucan on reproductive performance and immunity of New Zealand White does and their pupsWu, H.H.; 余 碧; Weng, B.B.C.; Chen, K.L.; Chiou, P.W.S.; Yu, B.-
-Effect of high dietary copper on the morphology of gastro-intestinal tract in broiler chickensChiou, P.W.S.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, K.L.; Wu, C.P.-
-Effect of restrict feeding, Roxarsone or its analogues in inducing fatty livers in mule ducksChen, K.L.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effect of roxarsone inclusion in the diet on the performance and hepatic lipid metabolism of laying Tsaiya duckChen, K.L.; Wu, C.P.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-The effects of caponization age on muscle characteristics in male chickenChen, K.L.; Chen, T.T.; Lin, K.J.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effects of caponization and different exogenous androgen on the bone characteristics of male chickensChen, K.L.; Tsay, S.M.; Lee, T.Y.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effects of caponization and testosterone on bone and blood parameters of SCWL male chickensChen, K.L.; Tsay, S.M.; Lo, D.Y.; Kuo, F.J.; Wang, J.H.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effects of caponization on bone characteristics and histological structure in chickensChen, K.L.; Chang, M.H.; Tsay, S.M.; Hurng, H.Y.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effects of chromium nicotinate on performance, carcase characteristics and blood chemistry of growing turkeysChen, K.L.; Lu, J.J.; Lien, T.F.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-Effects of dietary arsenical inclusion on lipid metabolism and liver function in mule ducksChen, K.L.; Chiou, P.W.S.-
-End-to-end security protocol for mobile communications with end-user identification/authenticationChang, C.C.; Chen, K.L.; Hwang, M.S.-
-Fabrication and characterization of high-T(c) YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-x) nanoSQUIDs made by focused ion beam millingWu, C.H.; Chou, Y.T.; Kuo, W.C.; Chen, J.H.; Wang, L.M.; Chen, J.C.; Chen, K.L.; Sou, U.C.; Yang, H.C.; Jeng, J.T.-
-Fabrication and Properties of High-T-c YBCO Josephson Junction and SQUID With Variable Thickness Bridges by Focused Ion BeamWu, C.H.; Jhan, F.J.; Chen, J.H.; Jeng, J.T.; Chen, K.L.; Yang, H.C.-
-Lipoprotein profiles and components in Tsaiya ducks under ad libitum feeding and fastingLien, T.F.; Jan, D.F.; Chen, K.L.-
-Oral treatment of mule ducks with arsenicals for inducing fatty liverChen, K.L.; Chiou, P.W.S.-