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-Effectiveness and stability of heterologous proteins expressed in plants by Turnip mosaic virus vector at five different insertion sitesChen, C.C.; 葉錫東; Chen, T.C.; Raja, J.A.; Chang, C.A.; Chen, L.W.; Lin, S.S.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Pressor Effects on Blood Pressure Induced by Isovolumic Bladder Distension and Electro-Acupuncture Stimulations in Anesthetized RatsChen, M.J.; 劉英明; Peng, M.L.; Chen, L.W.; Fan, H.L.; Liou, Y.M.; Liao, J.M.-
-Viable counts, characteristic evaluation for commercial lactic acid bacteria productsLin, W.H.; Hwang, C.F.; Chen, L.W.; Tsen, H.Y.-