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-Analysis of insecticide clothianidin and its metabolites in rice by liquid chromatography with a UV detectorChen, M.F.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Wong, S.S.; Li, G.C.-
-Inhibitory Effect of Vitamin C in Combination With Vitamin K3 on Tumor Growth and Metastasis of Lewis Lung Carcinoma Xenografted in C57BL/6 MiceChen, M.F.; 胡淼琳; Yang, C.M.; Su, C.M.; Liao, J.W.; Hu, M.L.-
-Residue analysis of fungicide boscalid in cucumbers following applications of boscalid 50% water dispersible granuleChen, M.F.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Chien, H.P.-
-Taurine ameliorates alcoholic steatohepatitis via enhancing self-antioxidant capacity and alcohol metabolismFang, Y.J.; Chiu, C.H.; Chang, Y.Y.; Chou, C.H.; Lin, H.W.; Chen, M.F.; Chen, Y.C.-