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-Addendum: Doubly excited S-1,3(e), P-1,3(o), and D-1,3(e) resonances in He below the n=2 He+ thresholdChen, M.K.-
-C/D Class MADS Box Genes from Two Monocots, Orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) and Lily (Lilium longiflorum), Exhibit Different Effects on Floral Transition and Formation in Arabidopsis thalianaHsu, H.F.; 楊長賢; Hsieh, W.P.; Chen, M.K.; Chang, Y.Y.; Yang, C.H.-
-Dispersion and retardation coefficients for two lithium atomsChen, M.K.-
-Doubly excited P-1,3(e) resonances in he between the N=2 and 3 He+ thresholdsChen, M.K.-
-Doubly excited P-3(e) resonances in heliumlike ions below N=3 thresholdChen, M.K.-
-The energies and oscillator strengths of bound states of BeChen, M.K.-
-Functional analysis of three lily (Lilium longiflorum) APETALA1-like MADS box genes in regulating floral transition and formationChen, M.K.; 楊長賢; Lin, I.C.; Yang, C.H.-
-Functional analysis reveals the possible role of the C-terminal sequences and PI motif in the function of lily (Lilium longiflorum) PISTILLATA (PI) orthologuesChen, M.K.; Hsieh, W.P.; Yang, C.H.-
-High thermal stability of AlCrTaTiZr nitride film as diffusion barrier for copper metallizationChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chen, M.K.-
-The MADS box gene, FOREVER YOUNG FLOWER, acts as a repressor controlling floral organ senescence and abscission in ArabidopsisChen, M.K.; 楊長賢; Hsu, W.H.; Lee, P.F.; Thiruvengadam, M.; Chen, H.I.; Yang, C.H.-
-Multiprincipal-Element AlCrTaTiZr-Nitride Nanocomposite Film of Extremely High Thermal Stability as Diffusion Barrier for Cu MetallizationChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chen, M.K.; Chen, D.S.-
-The near-degenerate and small-width P-1(o) resonances in He between the n=2 and 3 He+ thresholdsChen, M.K.-
-On the existence of P-1,3(o) resonances in H- between n=2 and 3 H thresholdsChen, M.K.-
-Oscillator strengths for (1s(2)2pnL)L states of beryllium isoelectronic sequenceChen, M.K.-
-Oscillator strengths for bound states of beryllium isoelectronic sequenceChen, M.K.-
-Radiative decay of helium doubly excited statesLiu, C.N.; Chen, M.K.; Lin, C.D.-
-The terminating of doubly excited P-1,3(o) resonances in H- below the n=2 H thresholdChen, M.K.-