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-Anti-peroxidation effects of vitamin E on low density lipoprotein and milk fat globule membrane of lactating goats: in vivo versus metal ion challenge in vitroYang, D.Y.; 張釵如; Chang, C.J.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Biochemical characteristics of Micrococcus varians, Staphylococcus carnosus and Staphylococcus xylosus and their growth on Chinese-style beaker sausageGuo, H.L.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-C-H Bond Activation of Palladium Complexes That Feature Pendant Benzamidinate Ligands and Their Catalytic BehavioursChen, M.T.; Wu, K.M.; Chen, C.T.-
-Calcium homeostasis and its relationship to superoxide production in blood and milk neutrophils of lactating goatsChiang, C.C.; 余 碧; Chang, C.J.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, S.E.; Yu, B.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.; 陳洵一; 張釵如-
-Comparison of the transglutaminase activity, rheological properties and microstructure of pig and poultry bloodTseng, T.F.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-Consumer choice of pork chops in TaiwanChen, M.T.; 阮喜文 ; Guo, H.L.; Tseng, T.F.; Roan, S.W.; Ngapo, T.M.-
-Contribution of somatic cell-associated activation of plasminogen to caseinolysis within the goat mammary glandWeng, M.H.; 陳洵一; Chang, C.J.; Chen, W.Y.; Chou, W.K.; Peh, H.C.; Huang, M.C.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.; 黃木秋; 張釵如-
-Determination of quality changes throughout processing steps in Chinese-style pork jerkyChen, W.S.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Evaluation of transglutaminase on the quality of low-salt chicken meat-ballsTseng, T.F.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Functional characterization of mammary gland of Holstein cows under humid tropical summer climatesLu, C.H.; 張釵如; Chang, C.J.; Lee, P.N.; Wu, C.P.; Chen, M.T.; Zhao, X.-
-Improving texture and storage stability of Chinese-Style pork jerky by the addition of humectantsChen, W.S.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.; Ockerman, H.W.-
-In situ generation of milk protein-derived peptides in drying-off cowsHo, C.H.; Chang, C.J.; Liu, W.B.; Peh, H.C.; Chen, S.E.E.; Chen, H.Y.; Ho, T.H.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.-
-Magnesium complexes containing bis-amido-oxazolinate ligands as efficient catalysts for ring opening polymerisation of L-lactideChen, M.T.; 陳繼添; Chang, P.J.; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, C.T.-
-Nitrate reduction and pigment formation of Chinese-style sausage mixes caused by MicrococcaceaeGuo, H.L.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-Optimum condition of extracting collagen from chicken feet and its characetristicsLiu, D.C.; 劉登城; Lin, Y.K.; Chen, M.T.-
-Palladacycles bearing tridentate CNS-type benzamidinate ligands as catalysts for cross-coupling reactionsWang, W.C.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, M.T.; Chen, C.T.-
-Palladacyclic complexes bearing CNN-type ligands as catalysts in the Heck reactionChen, C.T.; 陳繼添; Chan, Y.S.; Tzeng, Y.R.; Chen, M.T.-
-Palladacyclic complexes containing C,N-type ligands as catalysts in cross coupling reactionsChen, M.T.; 陳繼添; Huang, C.A.; Chen, C.T.-
-Preferential Formation of Homochiral Helical Sandwich-Shaped Architectures through the Metal-Mediated Assembly of Tris(imidazoline) Ligands with a Set of d(3)-d(10) Transition-Metal IonsYan, L.W.; 陳繼添; Wang, Z.; Chen, M.T.; Wu, N.J.; Lan, J.B.; Gao, X.; You, J.S.; Gau, H.M.; Chen, C.T.; 高漢謀-
-Profile of gelatinolytic capacity of raw goat milk and the implications for milk qualityChen, W.Y.; 陳洵一; Weng, M.H.; Chen, S.E.; Peh, H.C.; Liu, W.B.; Yu, T.C.; Huang, M.C.; Chen, M.T.; Nagahata, H.; Chang, C.J.; 黃木秋; 張釵如-