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-Antibacterial activity of short hydrophobic and basic-rich peptidesChen, P.W.; 毛嘉洪; Shyu, C.L.; Mao, F.C.-
-Complications during labour in a chihuahua due to diaphragmatic herniaLin, J.L.; 鄭豐邦; Lee, C.S.; Chen, P.W.; Tsai, H.Y.; Lee, W.M.; Cheng, F.P.; 李衛民-
-Detection of lactoferrin in bovine and goat milk by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assayChen, P.W.; 毛嘉洪; Mao, F.C.-
-Effects of bovine lactoferrin hydrolysate on the in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli strains isolated from baby pigsChen, P.W.; 毛嘉洪; Ho, S.P.; Shyu, C.L.; Mao, F.C.; 何素鵬-
-Genomic cloning of 18 kDa oleosin and detection of triacylglycerols and oleosin isoforms in maturing rice and postgerminative seedlingsWu, L.S.H.; 曾志正; Wang, L.D.; Chen, P.W.; Chen, L.J.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 陳良築-
-Increase of lactoferrin concentration in mastitic goat milkChen, P.W.; 毛嘉洪; Chen, W.C.; Mao, F.C.H.-
-Interaction between rice MYBGA and the gibberellin response element controls tissue-specific sugar sensitivity of alpha-amylase genesChen, P.W.; Chiang, C.M.; Tseng, T.H.; Yu, S.M.-