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-Active ingredients in Chinese medicines promoting blood circulation as Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitorsChen, R.J.Y.; Jinn, T.R.; Chen, Y.C.; Chung, T.Y.; Yang, W.H.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Effect of sugar positions in ginsenosides and their inhibitory potency on Na+/K+-ATPase activityChen, R.J.Y.; Chung, T.Y.; Li, F.Y.; Lin, N.H.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Massive accumulation of gallic acid and unique occurrence of myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol in preparing old oolong teaLee, V.S.Y.; 曾志正; Dou, J.P.; Chen, R.J.Y.; Lin, R.S.; Lee, M.R.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 李茂榮; 林瑞松-
-Ses i 6, the sesame 11S globulin, can activate basophils and shows cross-reactivity with walnut in vitro曾志正; Wallowitz, M.L.; Chen, R.J.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Teuber, S.S.-
-Steroid-like compounds in Chinese medicines promote blood circulation via inhibition of Na+/K+-ATPaseChen, R.J.Y.; Chung, T.Y.; Li, F.Y.; Yang, W.H.; Jinn, T.R.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Using human basophil donors to assess the clinical relevance of sesame 11S globulin, ses i 6Wallowitz, M.L.; 曾志正; Chen, R.J.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Teuber, S.S.-