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-Application of bubble separation for quantitative analysis of choline in Dioscorea (Yam) tubersFu, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.; Huang, P.Y.; Li, Y.J.-
-The cross-effects of cigarette and betel nut consumption in Taiwan: have tax increases made a difference?Chen, S.H.; Lee, J.M.; Liu, H.H.; Wang, H.C.; Ye, C.Y.-
-Economic gains and health benefits from a new cigarette tax scheme in Taiwan: a simulation using the CGE modelYe, C.Y.; Lee, J.M.; Chen, S.H.-
-The effect of cigarette price increase on the cigarette consumption in Taiwan: evidence from the National Health Interview Surveys on cigarette consumptionLee, J.M.; Hwang, T.C.; Ye, C.Y.; Chen, S.H.-
-Enhancement of Light Extraction Efficiency of InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes with an Air-Hole-Array StructureLin, C.F.; Huang, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.; Wang, G.M.; Yang, Z.Z.-
-Enzymatic and NMR spectral evidence of hairpin stability in DNA triple repeats: a possible mechanism for initiating the repeat expansionChen, S.H.; Scott, C.R.; Chou, S.H.-
-Functional Roles of the Tetramer Organization of Malic EnzymeHsieh, J.Y.; 洪慧芝; Chen, S.H.; Hung, H.C.-
-Heat transfer characteristics of a helical heat exchangerSan, J.Y.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, S.H.-
-Increasing the PLED Luminescence Efficiency by Exploiting the Surface Plasmon Resonance EffectChen, S.H.; Yu, S.T.; Liou, Y.Y.; Yu, C.F.; Lin, C.F.; Kao, P.C.-
-InGaN light emitting diodes with a laser-treated tapered GaN structureHuang, W.C.; 韓 斌; Lin, C.F.; Hsieh, T.H.; Chen, S.H.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, K.T.; Lin, C.M.; Han, P.; 林佳鋒-
-Intramolecular 2+2 photocycloaddition-fragmentation: Facile entry to a novel tricyclic 5-6-7 ring systemHong, B.C.; Chen, S.H.; Kumar, E.S.; Lee, G.H.; Lin, K.J.-
-Management of lactose maldigestion by consuming milk containing lactobacilliLin, M.Y.; 林美吟; Yen, C.L.; Chen, S.H.-
-Monitoring of extracellular pyruvate, lactate, and ascorbic acid during cerebral ischemia: a microdialysis study in awake gerbilsCheng, F.C.; Yang, L.L.; Yang, D.Y.; Tsai, T.H.; Lee, C.W.; Chen, S.H.-
-Nanoprobe-based affinity mass spectrometry for selected protein profiling in human plasmaChou, P.H.; Chen, S.H.; Liao, H.K.; Lin, P.C.; Her, G.R.; Lai, A.C.Y.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, Y.J.-
-A planar gate double beryllium implanted GaAs power MESFET for low voltage digital wireless communication applicationChang, E.Y.; Fuh, C.S.; Meng, C.C.; Wang, K.B.; Chen, S.H.-
-Price sensitivity and smoking smuggled cigarettesLee, J.M.; 鄭蕙燕; Chen, S.H.; Chen, H.F.; Jeng, H.Y.J.-
-Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and deacidification of rice bran oilChen, C.R.; 張傑明; Wang, C.H.; Wang, L.Y.; Hong, Z.H.; Chen, S.H.; Ho, W.J.; Chang, C.M.J.-
-Synthesis, in vitro macrophage response and detoxification of bamboo charcoal beads for purifying bloodHsieh, M.F.; Wen, H.W.; Shyu, C.L.; Chen, S.H.; Li, W.T.; Wang, W.C.; Chen, W.C.-
-System supports for protocol and application adaptation in vertical handoffsChang, H.P.; 張軒彬 ; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.-
-Visualization of the spatial and spectral signals of orb-weaving spiders, Nephila pilipes, through the eyes of a honeybeeChiao, C.C.; Wu, W.Y.; Chen, S.H.; Yang, E.C.-