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-Behavioural responses of cockerels to semen collection and their influence on semen characteristicsLee, Y.P.; Lee, S.L.; Ho, Y.J.; Chen, T.L.-
-Daytime behavioural patterns of slow-growing chickens in deep-litter pens with perchesLee, Y.P.; Chen, T.L.-
-Deregulation of AP-1 proteins in collagen gel-induced epithelial cell apoptosis mediated by low substratum rigidityWang, Y.H.; 吳靖宙; Chiu, W.T.; Wang, Y.K.; Wu, C.C.; Chen, T.L.; Teng, C.F.; Chang, W.T.; Chang, H.C.; Tang, M.J.-
-Effects of CPII implantation on the characteristics of diamond-like carbon filmsChen, Y.C.; Weng, K.W.; Chao, C.H.; Lien, S.Y.; Han, S.; Chen, T.L.; Lee, Y.C.; Shih, H.C.; Wang, D.Y.-
-Electrical enhancement of DMFC by Pt-M/C catalyst-assisted PVDYao, K.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Chao, C.H.; Wang, W.F.; Lien, S.Y.; Shih, H.C.; Chen, T.L.; Weng, K.W.-
-Electrochromic Properties of Tungsten-Titanium Oxide FilmsChen, Y.C.; Lin, T.N.; Chen, T.L.; Li, Y.D.; Weng, K.W.-
-Examination of attitudes towards teaching online courses based on theory of reasoned action of university faculty in TaiwanChen, T.L.; Chen, T.J.-
-Hydrocarbon degrading potential of bacteria isolated from oil-contaminated soilLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Chang, J.S.; Young, C.C.; Arun, A.B.; Lin, S.Y.; Chen, T.L.; 沈佛亭-
-The influence of emotions displayed and personal selling on customer behaviour intentionWang, E.S.T.; Tsai, B.K.; Chen, T.L.; Chang, S.C.-
-Prevalence of High Blood Pressure and its Relationship with Body Weight Factors among Inpatients with Schizophrenia in TaiwanLan, Y.L.; Chen, T.L.-
-The synthesized novel fluorinated compound (LJJ-10) induces death receptor- and mitochondria-dependent apoptotic cell death in the human osteogenic sarcoma U-2 OS cellsHour, M.J.; Yang, J.S.; Chen, T.L.; Chen, K.T.; Kuo, S.C.; Chung, J.G.; Lu, C.C.; Chen, C.Y.; Chuang, Y.H.-
-Tepidimonas taiwanensis sp nov., a novel alkaline-protease-producing bacterium isolated from a hot springChen, T.L.; 楊秋忠; Chou, Y.J.; Chen, W.M.; Arun, B.; Young, C.C.-
-Use of a cytogenetic whole-genome comparison to resolve phylogenetic relationships among three species: Implications for mammalian systematics and conservation biologyYu, H.T.; Ma, G.C.; Lee, D.J.; Chin, S.C.; Chen, T.L.; Tsao, H.S.; Lin, W.H.; Wu, S.H.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, M.-