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-Application of high-frequency ultrasound for the detection of surgical anatomy in the rodent abdomenChen, J.Y.; Chen, H.L.; Wu, S.H.; Tsai, T.C.; Lin, M.F.; Yen, C.C.; Hsu, W.H.; Chen, W.; Chen, C.M.-
-The arginine-rich motif of Bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA-encoded P20 mediates self-interaction, intracellular targeting, and cell-to-cell movementPalani, P.V.; 徐堯煇; Kasiviswanathan, V.; Chen, J.C.F.; Chen, W.; Hsu, Y.H.; Lin, N.S.-
-Bilateral pulmonary cavities in a young femaleYang, S.C.; Chen, T.Y.; Chen, W.-
-Effects of Xylooligosaccharides in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusSheu, W.H.H.; Lee, I.T.; Chen, W.; Chan, Y.C.-
-Epigenetic down-regulation of death-associated protein kinase in hepatocellular carcinomaChen, C.; Chen, W.; Wu, J.; Chen, H.-
-Establishing model of nematodes as bioindicators for river pollutionChen, W.; Chen, P.; Tsay, T.-
-Gas around the bladderYu, C.H.; Lin, M.S.; Hsu, C.H.; Liang, C.Y.; Chen, W.-
-Gas around the bladder (vol 6, pg 455, 2011)Yu, C.H.; Lin, M.S.; Hsu, C.H.; Liang, C.Y.; Chen, W.-
-Pilot-scale production of mesoporous silica-based adsorbent for CO2 captureWang, H.C.; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.; Hwang, J.F.; Lee, H.H.; Chen, W.; Kang, Y.H.; Chen, S.T.; Su, F.S.; Kuo, S.C.; Hu, F.C.-
-Ring-like calcifications of the kidneyChen, Y.J.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, C.Y.; Shen, C.H.; Chen, W.-
-Role of Gallium-67 scintigraphy in the evaluation of occult sepsis in the medical ICUChen, W.C.; Tsai, K.D.; Chen, C.H.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, C.M.; Shih, C.M.; Chen, W.-
-Subcellular localization and expression of bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA-encoded proteinPalani, P.V.; 徐堯煇; Chiu, M.; Chen, W.; Wang, C.C.; Lin, C.C.; Hsu, C.C.; Cheng, C.P.; Chen, C.M.; Hsu, Y.H.; Lin, N.S.-
-An Unusual Cause of Hemoptysis in a Young WomanChang, J.M.; Cheng, J.H.; Chen, W.-