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-Generating oxidation-resistant variants of Bacillus kaustophilus leucine aminopeptidase by substitution of the critical methionine residues with leucineChi, M.C.; Chou, W.M.; Wang, C.H.; Chen, W.L.; Hsu, W.H.; Lin, L.L.-
-Optimal management of the machine repair problem with working vacation: Newton's methodWang, K.H.; 王國雄; Chen, W.L.; Yang, D.Y.-
-Sesame Lignans Significantly Alleviate Liver Damage of Rats Caused by Carbon Tetrachloride in Combination with KavaChen, W.L.; 曾志正; Lu, H.C.; Huang, H.Y.; Hwang, G.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.-