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-Allamanda mosaic caused by Cucumber mosaic virus in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Yang, C.C.; Hsu, H.T.-
-Biological and Molecular Characterization of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus Causing Chlorotic Leaf Spot on Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) in Taiwan詹富智; Wu, Z.B.; 古新梅; Ku, H.M.; Chen, Y.K.; Chang, C.J.; Jan, F.J.-
-Characteristics of TiVCrAlZr multi-element nitride films prepared by reactive sputteringChang, Z.C.; 薛富盛; Liang, S.C.; Han, S.; Chen, Y.K.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characterization of a virus infecting lisianthusChen, C.C.; Chen, Y.K.; Hsu, H.T.-
-First report of begonia chlorotic ringspot caused by Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Hong, Y.H.-
-First Report of Bidens mottle virus Causing Mosaic and Leaf Deformation in Garland Chrysanthemum and Lettuce in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Lee, J.Y.-
-First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus in Desert Rose in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Lin, Y.W.; Wu, M.Y.-
-First Report of Group 16SrXII Phytoplasma Associated with Papaya Yellows in TaiwanBau, H.J.; Hung, S.C.; Chang, W.C.; Chen, Y.K.-
-First Report of Passiflora virus Y Infecting Macroptilium atropurpureum in TaiwanChiang, C.H.; Fan, Y.T.; Yu, T.A.; Cheng, Y.H.; Chen, Y.K.-
-First Report of Turnip ringspot virus in Field Mustard (Brassica chinensis) in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Bau, H.J.-
-Formation of highly branched hyphae by Colletotrichum acutatum within the fruit cuticles of Capsicum sppLiao, C.Y.; Chen, M.Y.; Chen, Y.K.; Kuo, K.C.; Chung, K.R.; Lee, M.H.-
-Identification and characterization of a potyvirus causing chlorotic spots on Phalaenopsis orchidsZheng, Y.X.; 詹富智; Chen, C.C.; Chen, Y.K.; Jan, F.J.-
-Identification of Carnation mottle virus from Lisianthus Plants in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Chen, C.C.-
-A new natural host of Lisianthus necrosis virus in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; 詹富智; Jan, F.J.; Chen, C.C.; Hsu, H.T.-
-Potential threat of a new pathotype of Papaya leaf distortion mosaic virus infecting transgenic papaya resistant to Papaya ringspot virusBau, H.J.; 葉錫東; Kung, Y.J.; Raja, J.A.J.; Chan, S.J.; Chen, K.C.; Chen, Y.K.; Wu, H.W.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Water mobility, rheological and textural properties of rice starch gelLu, S.; Chen, J.J.; Chen, Y.K.; Li, C.Y.; Lai, P.; Chen, H.H.-