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-Climate change, sea level rise and rice: global market implicationsChen, Chi-Chung; McCarl, Bruce; Chang, Ching-Cheng-
-Energy consumption and economic growth-New evidence from meta analysisChen, Ping-Yu; Chen, Sheng-Tung; Chen, Chi-Chung-
-Estimating+the+impact+of+whaling+on+global+whale-watchingHsiao-I.Kuo; Chen, Chi-Chung; McAleer, Michael-
-Evaluation the potential economic impacts of Taiwanese biomass energy productionChen, Chi-Chung; McCarl, Bruce; Chang, Ching-Cheng; Tso, Chunto-
-Modelling+the+ENSO+Forecast+on+Soybean+Spot+and+Future+PricesLiao, Shu-Yi; Chen, Sheng-Tung; Chen, Chi-Chung
-R&D, Market Power, and Trade -The Case of Soybeans廖述誼; Liao, Shu-Yi; 陳盛通; 陳吉仲; Chen, Sheng-Tung; Chen, Chi-Chung
-The relationship between GDP and electricity consumption in 10 Asian countriesChen, Sheng-Tung; Kuo, Hsiao-I; Chen, Chi-Chung-
-溫室氣體的環境顧志耐曲線之估計--PanelModel之應用倪珮菁; Ni, Pei-Ching-
-菌體外冰核物質生產菌之篩選陳麒仲; Chen, Chi-Chung-